How to Train Lower Body For Efficient Walking?

muscle training for walking

Walking is a habit for some and vital for the health of every individual. Moreover, people change their diet, physical workout routine, and habits to improve overall health conditions. 

Doing exercise becomes easy if you know the right way to do it. Stretching and yoga movements improve muscle flexibility and strengthening. Also, people love walking because it is an easy and great-form of exercise. The individuals can exercise anywhere whenever they want. 

However, some individuals are not always ready for walking and need time to prepare the body for physical activity. Katy Bowman and Jill Miller worked to create a whole body program that transforms body shape and prepares for walking. 

Their program named Walking Well consists of a set of exercises that prepare the body for walking long distances. Katy Bowman is a biochemist, and Jill Miller is a fascia expert. They formulate various exercise routines that can improve walking speed and the ability to walk on various-terrain. 

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Movement Rate Effects Muscles

By strength, you move your muscles, and the angle at which you apply force or movement affects muscle shape. Moreover, it also affects muscle movement and flexibility. Furthermore, every move you make generates an effect on specific muscles. 

Lack of movement or physical activity causes muscles to lack strength, flexibility, and mobility. Furthermore, they make you feel tired with little-movement. Moreover, such individuals who exercise after long time experience cramps and pain sensations. 

Thus, it is better to train muscles before initiating exercising. Moreover, increasing range of motion, preparing tissues will yield productive outcomes and enable walking at a faster speed for a longer duration. 

Getting Ankles And Feet Ready For Effective Walking

Balance and movement of the toe determine your ability to walk properly. For training your foot toe you can rest it on a softball like a yoga ball while the ball of your foot rests on the ground. Be in that position for 30 seconds. Later try to press the toe ten times into the ball. After that lower and lift your heel 10 to 15 times like you were going to take a step. Switch-toes and repeat the procedure. 

Moreover, it is vital to train your calf muscles and to train them to place a half foam roller or towel in front of you. Then place your foot on it and keep your heel on the ground, now stretching slowly, straightening your leg. Furthermore, move forward, tighten your stretch, and remain in position for 30 to 60 seconds. Repeat the procedure for stretching the calf muscles of the other foot. As a result, you will have a foot balance and it will enable efficient walking. 

Knee Ready By Quad Quench, And Step Up And Over

Quad quench makes hip muscles flexible and extends knees. Moreover, you can do quad-quenches easily by lying down facing the floor. Place a yoga-ball under your quad and take deep breaths. Slowly contract and relax quadriceps. Do this 15 to 20 times. Then move your body like a snake. Move the ball from the top of your knee to the top of your thigh. Continue to do so for five consecutive minutes. 

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According to Bowman, stepping up and over by climbing stairs or walking hills, the muscles become stabilized. Moreover, your knees remain in good condition. 

Furthermore, you can step up and over a small box or yoga block to train leg muscles. Do this movement for 10 to 20 minutes on each foot. Hip training is also essential, and for that, you can roll yoga balls from your outer hip toward your tailbone. Repeating this for two to three minutes is beneficial for improving hips condition. 

Maintain a balance with the help of a chair or wall and stand straight and lower floating feet towards the floor. Then push the floating foot down and lift the other foot, repeatedly lifting and lowering, for a few minutes. 


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