3 Longevity Practices Learned From Ageless People

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Wisdom comes with age, as the older you are, the more experienced you are. You learn through your life experiences and mistakes. Yet, you keep on struggling to become a better person every single day. Thus, an experienced person can give better advice than a fresh graduate. Certified nutrition specialist and behavior coach Esosa Edosamwan, M.S., CNS, LDN, advises following the directions of experts, especially when it comes to strategies for health and longevity

Esosa started interviewing people to unveil their secrets to longevity. For instance, she interviewed a 79-year-old Annette Larkins, aka the “Ageless Woman”; supercentenarian Berenando LaPallo and numerous others living longer. 

After the interviewing session, Edosomwan discovered that longevity is linked significantly to three domains: diet, elimination, and lifestyle habits. People who were living agelessly were following their specific rituals in these three domains. 

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Eating The Right Food Ensures Longevity

When it comes to diet, there is an endless debate among physicians and nutritionists. Every health professional has a specific personal preference regarding the healthiest diet that they may recommend to their patients.

However, according to a general-consensus, the healthiest diet is eating a diversity of foods, rich in micronutrients and macronutrients. Moreover, such a diet aids you to live longer. Some nutritionists and doctors may be biased to include sustainably sourced meat and fish as the healthiest diet for longevity. On the contrary, some may support a completely vegetarian diet

Edosomwan states that most of the people she interviewed were following a highly plant-based diet. The key to longevity is to stick to a healthy eating style that goes best for you. If you do not go well with any type of vegetable, avoid its consumption or eat in minor quantities. 

If you’re urging to discover the right food for you, genetic testing and consulting will help you a great deal. But the most significant step is to monitor your body’s response to certain foods and act accordingly. 

Cleansing Your Body For Longevity 

Longevity is proportional to the health of vital organs, including the kidneys, the liver, and the gut. These organs assist you in digesting your food. Maintaining regularity in urination and pooping supports your healthy digestion. Edosomwan states these were one of the highest priorities of people she interviewed for longevity. 

She said that these longevity role models were habitual of drinking copious amounts of water, which aid in elimination, proper colon functionality, and detoxifying their bodies. 

The majority of the immune system lies in your gut. Thus, maintaining a healthy digestive system is essential. The normal flora present in your gastrointestinal tract protects you from various inflammatory diseases. 

Foods rich in fiber and keeping yourself hydrated are elemental to support these systems and fight back various inflammations and diseases. 

Add Years In Your Life

Longevity comes hand in hand with mental fitness. Along with a healthy diet and gut health, mental-fitness is crucial to aid you to live longer. After speaking to longevity role-models, Edosomwan concludes that a positive mental attitude is a key to longevity. 

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She says that staying positive, looking at the brighter side of life, and never losing hope is fundamental to living longer. However, incorporating healthy lifestyle habits, eating a balanced diet is essential to get the desired results. 

These healthy lifestyle tools include exercise, mindfulness, and prayer. Edosomwan states that Bernado LaPallo was a Christian, and he often read the Bible. 

However, other models never skip their meditation or yoga practice.  

Without any specifications to following a unique method, discover what relieves your stress and make it a part of your life to increase your life expectancy. 

Stress is the root cause of mental health disorders. Thus, eradicating it is essential for living a long and healthy life. 


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