Blue Rice: The New Social Media Food Trend, Are You Following It?

Blue rice the new social media trend

People love to explore new dishes, tastes, and flavors. You may have heard or seen Blue Rice on social media recently as it is trending. Moreover, some of you may have tasted it now, but it is not something new. 

Social media trends make things and individuals popular across the globe within minutes. Social networking sites and apps provide a platform to share emotions, feelings, pictures, videos, and their pictures and videos become viral. Moreover, people learn new things, habits, and lifestyles via social media.

The worldwide known picture-sharing site is Instagram. It is all about sharing pictures, either with the public or friends. Furthermore, individuals can discover new eating trends, food combinations, food décor, and much more on social media.

Blue rice is a new trend on Instagram, plain, or simple rice does not generate an attractive picture. However, adding blue color to your rice gives additional attractiveness and taste to your plate of rice. Moreover, individuals who have a chance to taste the delicious dish are very much pleased with it and want to eat more and more of it.

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Another plus point of the dish is that it is quite pleasing and all-natural. Its ingredients do not contain additives or dyes. Instagram is booming with blue rice, and individuals who have posted it are getting hundreds of likes. 

Blue Rice History And Tradition

Blue rice is part of Asian cuisine and is common in South Asian nations. Furthermore, the rice dish is especially-common in Thailand and is known as Nasi Kerabu. 

Previously, Butterfly pea flowers have been used in various cocktails, teas, and mocktails or drinks. However, the butterfly pea flower is vital to Asian food trends and is ideal for its culinary benefits. Adding butterfly pea flower into rice is an essential step for making blue rice. 

The antioxidant action of the butterfly pea flower helps consumers. Moreover, these flowers protect individuals against illnesses and boost their immune systems. Apart from nutritional value, it also acts as a flavoring agent, coloring agent and gives additional aroma to the dish. 

Making Of Blue Rice

It is easier to make blue rice as all ingredients are the same as regular rice, the only addition to blue rice is of butterfly pea flower. Furthermore, it is better to use jasmine rice for making colored rice. Moreover, follow the same recipe of regular rice by using jasmine rice. But boil jasmine rice with butterfly pea flower in water to make this rice.

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For every one cup of rice, we use 6 to 7 butterfly pea flowers so that color and flavor distribute to every bite of the dish. However, if you want to add additional flavorings, you can choose as you desire. People use lemongrass or whole species in their blue rice dish to make it mouth-watering. 

Try It With Curries

Moreover, after making the blue rice, you can prepare Chinese curry, Thai curry, or Asian-style curry. Eating the rice dish with these curries adds more taste to it. However, there is another method of eating the dish. But that includes boiling jasmine rice with butterfly pea flower and later cooking it with egg and vegetables. Following the latter option will enable you to cook Chinese-style veg fried rice. 

Moreover, for garnishing your dish of blue rice, you can use butterfly pea flowers, nuts, vegetables, or ingredients of your curry. Besides, taste and presentation both make a dish perfect for eating and posting its picture. Good garnishing will increase the appetite of the viewer and increase likes on your social media posts. 

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