Gardening Health Benefits – Improve Health By Spending Time With Nature

Gardening for health

Gardening has been part of human lives since the beginning of farming culture. Ever since man learns methods for cultivating-plants, interested individuals love to cultivate, grow, and farm plants and crops. However, the health benefits of it are still a topic of research for researchers.

Gardening is a source of quality time spent with nature by cutting, shaping, trimming, cultivating, and growing plants in a garden. Moreover, spending time with nature enables individuals to relax and feel calm by relieving their stress. Furthermore, studies suggest it enables individuals to feel free, and reduces risk of depression and anxiety. 

Moreover, it is a source of inspiration for individuals. Many poets, singers, actors, painters find their inspiration by spending time close to nature. 

During pandemics, individuals are going crazy as they have to spend most of their time at home. Moreover, depression and mental health issues increase during the lockdown. Furthermore, in the twenty-first century as technology-dependence and urbanization increase, depression and mental disorder occurrence also increase. 

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However, gardening provides a solution for improving the mental condition of individuals. Moreover, closure with nature slowly improves people that suffer from trauma, illness, and loss. 

Gardening Enhances Exposure To Vitamin D

When individuals spend time in their gardens, their exposure to the external environment increases. Moreover, it provides fresh air, sunlight exposure, and a smooth, calming environment. 

Sunlight is beneficial for humans as it is a natural source of vitamin D. Moreover, vitamin D is essential for absorbing calcium and boosting the immune system. Gardening enables individuals to spend time in the sunlight and produce vitamin D naturally. 

According to a study, sunlight exposure provides sufficient vitamin D in older adults. Thus, gardening is an ideal hobby that enables individuals to get vitamin D naturally. Also, spending time in the garden reduces the risk of developing a weaker immune system.

When individuals spend time in their garden and take care of plants, their mental health and physical health improves. Their stress levels reduce, and their risk of developing hypertension and diabetes also decreases. 

Mood Booster And Dementia Reducer 

Gardening reduces the risk of dementia hence called dementia reducer. A 2006 study suggests that gardening lowers the risk of dementia by 36%. Dementia is a condition of impairment in memory, communication, and thinking. 

Furthermore, spending time in garden reduces stress, improves the mental condition and generates a euphoric effect. According to a Dutch study, gardening reduces stress more effectively than any other hobby. 

The study participants were divided into three groups. All three groups perform the same heavily stressful task. After performing the stressful-task, one group was to read a book, the second group spent time doing other outdoor activities, and the third group was to do gardening for 30 minutes. 

The study results showed that stress hormone cortisol levels in participants that did gardening were lower than the other two groups. Thus, the study indicates that gardening reduces stress in a much better way than any other hobby. 

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Healthy Physical Activity

Gardening is a source of aerobic exercise. Moreover, during gardening without getting irritated individuals continue to do it for a much longer duration while having fun. 

Furthermore, gardening increases muscle stamina, flexibility, and strength. Usually, individuals get fed up with the same exercise or workout schedules, but with gardening, that is not an issue. 

Moreover, spending time cutting, twisting, and bending various plants increases individuals’ overall health. Another benefit is that you can shape your garden plants the way you want them to be. Thus, it enables individuals to explore their creative side and discover new things. 

According to the American Community Association, community gardening improves the whole community and encourages self-development. Moreover, individuals through it learn to trust people in their surroundings and help them. Also, in community gardening, the personality growth of individuals occurs.

Adeena Tariq Lari
The author is a graduate of dental surgery from the Dow University Health Sciences, Karachi. She has an academic background in content writing as well as English literature, giving her an edge in the field. Adeena is always curious about physical and mental health. She is always passionate about research and delivering high-quality reliable content to users.