Oat Milk A Healthy Milk Alternative – Oatly Sales Increases

Oat Milk Nutritious Milk alternative
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Trends change as individuals’ choices alter, and most humans like alterations in their lifestyle, eating habits, and surroundings. Oat milk was an invention over 20 years ago but it gained popularity over almond milk in lattes, recently. 

Oat milk is a healthy drink as it provides the benefits of milk and oats in one drink. Moreover, some individuals do not like the natural taste of milk and add flavorings or other food items of nutritious value or use milk alternatives. 

Oatly Sales Of Oat Milk Rises 

Almond, soy, and coconut milk are available in the market but last year the sales of oat milk increased by over $249 million. Moreover, oat milk last year’s sales surpassed sales of almond milk and became the bestselling plant milk. 

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Oat milk is the invention of Swedish scientist Rickard Oste. He is the founder of the oats milk brand Oatly. Moreover, the brand is the first to enter America. 

According to Ian Oriol, Mama Mocha’s barista, Oatly’s sales and popularity rise due to its good quality products and great marketing strategy, exclusivity maintenance, and expanding milk alternative market. There are other brands of oat milk in the market including Califia, Planet Oat, Chobani, and Danone. 

Homemade Oat Milk And Brand Made Oats Milk

However, individuals can make oat milk in their home as it is easy and provides quality. Moreover, during the pandemic situation, everyone prefers natural-items over processed-items. 

Well, to make oat milk at home, all you need to do is soak steel-cut oats in water. After some time, when they are soft soaked-completely, blend them into mush. After that, filter the mixture by using a mesh sieve or cheesecloth. Collect the liquid and flavor in it with vanilla or cinnamon. Moreover, adding sweetener is your choice. 

Various companies create concentrated oat milk and blend it back with water. Moreover, they add rapeseed or sunflower oil, salt, vitamins, and calcium.

Furthermore, some brands add to their formulations some thickening agents and emulsifiers. Some thickening agents and emulsifiers used include lecithin, gellan gum, gum acacia, and locust bean gum. Besides, companies for enhancing nutritional value, taste, or make their product stand out in the market, also adds minerals and other ingredients. 

Why Choose Oats Milk Over Other Alternative Milk Products?

Oat milk is highly nutritious, and the plus point is that it rarely causes allergies. Moreover, it is best for vegetarians as it is plant-based milk. According to Ian Oriol, oat milk tastes the same as milk. He added that individuals prefer oats milk over coconut milk because it is fatty. 

Similarly, oats milk is better than soy milk and almond milk. Soy milk gives a plasticky feeling, and almond milk is watery due to their nature oat milk is considered better than them. Moreover, the composition and concentration of oats milk make it suitable for espresso. 

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Furthermore, the nutritional value of oat milk varies depending upon the brand. However, an 8-ounce glass of unsweetened oat milk consists of 5g fats, 3g proteins, 120 calories, 16g carbohydrates, 1g fiber, and 350mg calcium. It contains more carbohydrate content and calories than almond, soy, and coconut milk. However, its fat and protein levels are less than cow’s milk.

According to Madeleine Corbeau, oats milk is gluten-free, suitable for people with dietary restrictions and allergies. However, it is not usable for everyone as it has high sodium levels.

Moreover, it is easy to consume as you can use it for cooking and baking purposes instead of regular milk. Moreover, the amount of oat milk required for formulating any dish is equal to regular milk. Furthermore, you can use it in baked items, pancakes, waffles, smoothies, and many more drinks and dishes. It is better to look into ingredients before purchasing it from the market. 

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