Social Psychology – Not Constricted To Mental Health Issues

Social psychology

 When we hear the word “psychology”, we start to think of a limited atmosphere of the field that there would be a patient with a mental disorder besides a psychologist, elaborating his or her mental health issues. However, the field of psychology or the mental health profession has a very vast scope. Social psychology is a field that is becoming increasingly significant in today’s world because mental issues and negative attitudes are developing abruptly in our society.

Hearing the word psychologists brings the idea of treating a patient victim to a mental ailment, however, the reality is in its opposite. A psychologist performs various functions apart from treating depression, anxiety, insomnia, epilepsies, and other neuronal disorders.  

Social psychologists get to know the root cause of the abnormal behavior of the individuals. And they explore the reason behind a bitter tongue and harsh behavior. Moreover, psychologists observe an individual’s social interaction and way of communication with others. 

Tilman Sheets, a doctoral psychology professor, says that pondering over the social interaction of individual aid in understanding him. 

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Scope of Social Psychology

The human brain is the most integral and complex organ, without which all the organs and systems collapse concurrently. Our brain not only plays a significant role in aiding other organs and systems to work but also helps in every pinch of the decision making process. The way your brain responds to a certain condition describes your personality. For instance, a short-tempered person becomes angry within no time, however a calm person acts in the opposite. 

To no surprise, psychologists are earning importance with the increasing mental health issues across the globe. Apart from treating depression and anxiety patients, social psychologists are providing their services to various companies and organizations. Moreover, large-scale businesses hire psychologists to aid the institutions to hire a job applicant perfect to go with the respective post. Social psychologists make the selection by considering both verbal and non-verbal communication of the job seeker. Thus, the job applicants are subjected to an interview and personality profile assay before the companies fall to some conclusion. 

Tilman Sheets is a psychology professor at Louisiana Tech University. According to him, a person makes numerous decisions every day, and most of these decisions are made unconsciously following the social gathering.  

Tilman elaborates on personality theory, which has a component called agreeableness. The psychologist determines the extent to which an individual is agreeable to another individual or someone’s ideas. More precisely, personality theory concerns the social interaction of the individual. The personality theory is therefore applicable to determine if the job applicant will be able to work in a team. Moreover, the theory also determines diversity of personalities and ideas. 

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How Often Do You Meet People?  

Living in this world calls for socialism, no matter what your profession is you have to interact with different people to earn a livelihood. In our daily routine, we come across various people who have unique ideas and beliefs. An individual’s surroundings and traditions play a significant impact on their thinking or psychology.  

Different people have different perceptions that reflect their past experiences, beliefs, and traditions. To create a healthy environment and keep themselves and others at peace, individuals prioritize comfort and level of understanding during the selection of social groups to work with. Therefore, select wisely where you fit in the best.  

Understandings one’s morals and beliefs are key to the right selection of the group, as collective thinking may lead to racism, stereotyping, and discrimination. 

Furthermore, Sheets says that the formation of these rules regarding behavior is again made by biased human minds. Moreover, individuals feel attraction towards those groups with whom their perception resembles the most. An individual’s interaction with others enables prediction of their mental state, thinking and desires. Moreover, the surrounding environment affects individuals moral value and psychology. Thus, it is vital to have healthy company to be healthy. 


Adeena Tariq Lari
The author is a graduate of dental surgery from the Dow University Health Sciences, Karachi. She has an academic background in content writing as well as English literature, giving her an edge in the field. Adeena is always curious about physical and mental health. She is always passionate about research and delivering high-quality reliable content to users.