COVID-19 Vaccine: Is It Safe To Get Mammogram Tested After COVID-19 Vaccination

COVID-19 vaccine cause Lymph nodes swelling

The COVID-19 pandemic causes various types of damage and affects almost every individual. Although the coronavirus vaccine is safe and effective, some side effects occur due to its use or under certain conditions.

There is nothing to worry about, as precautions will enable individuals to stay safe and get the COVID-19 vaccine without side-effects. In Utah, doctors recommend that women, particularly ones who will be receiving coronavirus vaccines in a day or so, should postpone their annual mammogram. Doctors suggest that it is not safe to get coronavirus shots and go for a mammogram test. 

What Is A Mammogram Test?

A mammogram test is an X-ray examination of the breast. Moreover, it is a diagnosing strategy. Through mammogram testing, the detection and diagnosis of breast diseases in women occur. Furthermore, problems in the breast region are mostly diagnosed through mammogram tests.

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The mammogram test makes women feel uncomfortable, and some feel pain. The procedure of a mammogram involves standing of the individual in front of a specialized X-ray machine. The lab technician places the breast on a plastic plate, and another plate moves it or applies pressure on it. Furthermore, for producing test results X-rays pass the region and screening images formulates. The procedure is repeated to get maximum-images of the breast and detect any abnormalities in the region. 

Mammogram tests are productive in detecting and diagnosing. Moreover, doctors recommend women have mammogram tests annually as breast cancer is common among women. Moreover, mammogram tests enable the detection of breast cancer and other abnormalities. Detection in the early stages increases the chances of recovery. 

However, giving the COVID-19 vaccine to individuals who-have or are-going-to-have mammogram tests yields unfavorable outcomes. 

What Happens When COVID-19 Vaccine Receiver Goes Under Mammogram Test?

Doctors in Utah observed that individuals who get their coronavirus vaccine develop swollen lymph nodes under the same arm where they get the injection. Moreover, axillary adenopathy occurs following vaccination in many individuals. 

Axillary adenopathy, in simple words, is a condition characterized by swollen lymph nodes. According to doctors, the reaction can confuse signs of breast cancer. 

In breast cancer, swelling of lymph nodes does occur. But it also happens in those who get their dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Thus, it becomes difficult to detect the reason for the swelling of lymph nodes. Moreover, it renders mammogram test results unhelpful. 

According to Dr. Brett Parkinson, doctors do not want individuals to get a false alarm for breast cancer. Moreover, a false alarm can stress individuals for no reason. 

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What Does Dr. Brett Parkinson Have to Say?

Dr. Brett Parkinson is the medical director of Intermountain Healthcare’s Breast Care Center in Murray, Utah. According to Dr. Brett Parkinson, individuals experience inflammatory responses in the arm upon receiving the vaccine. 

Moreover, he and other physicians observed the swollen lymph node occurrence in multiple screening mammograms. Especially, in the mammograms of women who get COVID-19 shots recently. 

Furthermore, women who got the Moderna vaccine or Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine exhibit swollen lymph nodes between the two shots. Some individuals experience fever, chills, muscle pain, body pain, and joint pain after getting the first injection of the COVID-19 vaccine. Moreover, according to a study, people between the ages of 18 and 55 experience such side effects. 

Dr. Brett and other physicians recommend that women avoid their mammogram test for four weeks after getting the second dose of COVID-19 vaccine jabs. However, getting a mammogram test done before receiving the first dose of coronavirus vaccine is better. 


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