COVID-19 Hits California Deaths On The Rise


COVID-19 has disturbed the lives of almost every individual one way or the other. But individuals in California had to cope with maximum deaths as the state has the most deaths due to coronavirus in the U.S. 

Fortunately, the coronavirus vaccine discovery spread a hope of a better future. However, individuals are not satisfied with the distribution procedure of coronavirus.  

The situation is getting worse in some regions of the United States, and to control it the government is making efforts. A monoclonal antibody therapy receives authorization for emergency use. Biden gives instructions to distribute 1.5 million vaccine doses daily. However, due to limited supply, it is not possible to fulfill orders.

Moreover, for distributing vaccines without inequality, the Biden administration will send vaccines to underserved areas. The coronavirus spread in Mexico led to a deadly situation as a shortage of oxygen tanks occurred.

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Deaths Relating To COVID-19 In California

California is the most populated state of the United States of America. More than 3.4 million deaths have occurred in the state due to the lethal COVID-19 viral infection. The virus affects the largest number of individuals in the state and is now the leading cause of death. 

Coronavirus causes millions to lose their lives across the globe. But in California, each day dozens of deaths occur due to COVID-19. Since the beginning of pandemics, deaths do occur in various states of the U.S. But on Tuesday, California became the state with the maximum number of deaths. Over the past week, on average, 433-deaths were occurring daily. As a result, the number of deaths surpasses that of New York. 

The number of coronavirus-deaths does rise in California. But when analyzing the deaths in comparison to California’s population occurs, the death rate in California is less than 31 in other states and Washington DC. 

The entire state suffers from coronavirus infection, but the ratio of infected patients is different in the south and the north of California. People in the south and agricultural Central Valley have been hit harder than those in the north. 

In California, 114 people die out of every 100,000 people due to COVID-19 infection. The grieving experience and loss of loved ones left an effect on the minds of those in their surroundings.

The Feelings Of Individuals That Have Linked With The Deceased 

Families experience grief and sadness upon the death of their loved ones. Due to coronavirus, families are unable to meet or hug their loved ones for the last time, elevating their grief. 

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Naomi Tzril Saks is a chaplain at the San Francisco Medical Center in Parnassus Heights. Like other chaplains of various states, Saks and her colleagues do what they can to support the individuals in isolation in COVID-19 wards. 

According to Ms. Saks, there are stories regarding coronavirus that will always remain in her body. Also, supporting the family and individuals is very difficult as it strains the emotions of individuals. Emotional burnouts are hard to tackle for chaplains. As a result, chaplains have gone to virtual retreats. Furthermore, some have joined national support groups. 

Scientists are working to formulate better treatment strategies, and the Biden administration is making efforts to distribute the COVID-19 among individuals without discrimination. Such measures cannot suppress the sadness of the families who lost their loved ones. However, through these measures and precautionary-measures, the American population can fight against the coronavirus.  

With multiple waves and mutations of coronavirus, situations in various states go through ups and downs. Mexico is facing a shortage of oxygen tanks, and COVID-19 deaths increase in California. Moreover, almost every individual feels depressed or sad during the pandemic.


Adeena Tariq Lari
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