Birth Rate Is Likely To Decrease In The U.S., What Is The Reason?

Birth rate

Birth rate and economy relate with one another, the higher birth rate means the government has to plan much better and increase the production of revenue to provide facilities.

The United States has a domestic policy according to which women are punishable for becoming mothers to as many children as they desire. According to the Brookings Institution, the United States birth rate will sharply decrease in 2021. Moreover, the number of births may reduce by 300,000 or by 500,000. 

According to a survey study, 34% of the 2000 respondents are either unwilling to get pregnant or want fewer children due to pandemic. All the respondents are of childbearing age. But because of the coronavirus crisis, they want to wait for further pregnancies. 

Brookings Reports also cites data from the University of Indiana and the Kinsey Institute. According to the data, the sex rate in Americans, particularly school-age children during the coronavirus pandemic, is less due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

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The birth rates increase and decrease depending upon the international and national crisis, especially in regions where women are more economically independent. In the middle of dealing with situations like pandemics or wars, the birth rate had been seen to decrease. However, history has shown that during favorable-environment the number of childbirths increases.

Birth Rate And American Policy?

American families are small, some women are not interested in having babies, and others are not happy having fewer children. According to domestic policy, women must have limited babies, and upon having more children, women will be paying penalties or taxes. 

Moreover, women are unwilling to get pregnant because of economic constraints. The government has been punishing women for becoming mothers. Furthermore, females face extension and de-incentivized if they want to have many children. Women are paid notably less than men, and the difference between wages of women of color and white men is noticeable. 

The birth rate downfall has an association with women not getting enough support from the government to raise children. Women do not receive sufficient material support from the government in raising kids. The condition is such that it is very difficult to keep the job and the baby both at the same time as no or care facilities are available for kids. 

Furthermore, women who become pregnant are demoted or fired by the institution or employer. Another misconception is that a pregnant woman or mother is less productive. Also, females do not get mandatory paid maternity leaves at all. 

The mortality rate of pregnant women is high in the United States. There are no universal rights for pregnant women, and there are no childcare organizations. Women’s health is not the utmost priority of the state. 

Pandemic And Economic Struggles

During pandemics, women face more trouble, and their responsibilities further increase, due to which the birth rate is likely to decrease. Furthermore, due to the coronavirus pandemic, many women lost their jobs and are in financial crisis. 

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Before pandemics, public schools provided childcare, but now women must provide childcare. According to Lyz Lenz, there are no schools, no daycare, no social support, and probably no job. Authorities want all women to suddenly feel in the mood to have babies just because the American tax base is eroding. Lyz Lenz added that it is ridiculous thinking. 

The government has never made a policy supporting childrearing, child birth, or family planning. Moreover, the burden and responsibility have been for years only on women alone. 

The downfall in the number of births will only be for a short duration. However, like old times, it will rise. Moreover, the decrease is not due to reducing the femininity of women. It is not about failing national character, but it is about the choice of women. Besides, the matter is unclear; various individuals have different opinions about the decrease in the birth rate.

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