A Trick Enhances Health Benefits Of Green Tea, Read To Know

Green tea with lemon health benefits
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Green tea is a type of tea that is made from the main ingredient called Camellia sinensis leaves and buds. It has numerous health benefits. The leaves and buds of Camellia sinensis preservation from destroying or decaying enables individuals to use the plant leaves and buds for making tea. The origin of green tea is in China, but its production and manufacturing have spread to other countries. 

When you drink brewed Camellia sinensis leaves or buds, you feel harmonious, spiritually enlightened, and refreshed yourself. You also feel satisfied, and all of your stress has been relieved. Others started noticing you internally as a very clean and beautiful person. 

According to Deanna Minich, humans have been using green tea since ancient times. It is part of the culture or a tradition of the areas where the Camellia Sinensis cultivation occurs.

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People express their love for green tea as it has many health benefits and is a source of energy, relaxation, and nutrients. Furthermore, individuals can enhance the taste of it by adding other healthy natural ingredients. 

Step Towards A Healthier Green Tea

According to Minich, the tea has powerful catechin EGCG and anti-inflammatory properties. These characteristics make it suitable for everyone. Minich added that brewing methods alter the effects of the tea. Moreover, proper brewing can render it healthier by enhancing the catechin impact. 

Individuals drink green tea in various combinations, some boil Camellia sinensis leaves and then filter the extract by adding honey or lemon to it. According to Deanna Minich, squeezing a bit of lemon into it enhances the effectiveness of catechins. As a result, the compound works effectively in the body of the consumer. However, to scientifically prove the effectiveness and extent of the impact, the nutritionist says that research is essential. 

The lemon juice that an individual adds to the cup of green tea increases the composition of polyphenols in it. No doubt the tea does have polyphenols of its own but adding additional polyphenols will not harm you. 

According to a study published in the Journal of Food Processing and Technology, green tea has an antioxidant effect but adding lemon to it enhances its anti-oxidizing activity. 

Lemon: The Magical Addition 

Lemon belongs to the family of Citrus Fruits. It is beneficial for health as it has many phytochemicals that improve the health condition of individuals.

It contains antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamin C, limonene, and many other chemical compounds that have health benefits. Adding lemon juice into your morning tea will enhance the benefits of green tea and improve your condition. 

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According to Minich, adding lemon zest is more beneficial as the lemon peels contain 5-10 times more vitamins than the juice.

The addition of either the lemon juice or its peel gives a pleasant taste and enhances the benefits of green tea. So why not just try it and you will love to have it again. 

Now it is easier to get green tea leaves and lemon flavor in one product, as various teabags with lemon in it are available in the market. Green tea bags are now available in combination with other healthier plant extracts. 

However, it is more effective to have fresh plants, leaves, or fruits for a drink or tea. Natural items have fewer additives and chemicals, enabling consumers to enjoy the benefits of pure products. 

Minich suggests others follow this tiny trick and enjoy additional health benefits in one cup of tea, of both green tea and lemon. Moreover, tea gives individuals warmth, relaxation and improves body function. It improves blood circulation, reduces cholesterol levels, enhances metabolism rate, and improves overall health.

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