Joe DiMeo: The First Man Who Undergoes Successful Facial And Double Hand Transplant

Joe DiMero first person to get facial and double hand transplant

Every individual wants to live a normal, healthy, successful life, and so does Joe DiMeo of Clark, NJ. Individuals always plan to achieve the new target and accomplish their goals before time, but accidents and undesirable events can occur anywhere, anytime.

Fortunately, with scientific discoveries and technology, it is possible to treat many people with disabilities and reduce their suffering. 

It is possible to transplant the heart, liver, lungs, and many other body organs. Joe DiMeo was fortunate to undergo a successful facial and hand transplant to set a global record. According to DiMeo, he feels great as he will soon be smiling, laughing, and raising eyebrows. 

Who Is Joe DiMeo?

Joe DiMeo is a 22-year-old boy who had a healthy life like any other teenager back in 2018. However, his life changed entirely due to the accident on 14th July 2018. 

He was returning home from the night shift by driving through Route 22 in Hillside. But within minutes, his car off the road hit a curb and flipped over, causing an explosion. The explosion caused immense fire causing more than 80 percent of his body to burn. 

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To take care of him and his third-degree burns, he had to move back with his parents. Joe himself does not remember anything from the car crash, all he knows is what others told him. 

Joe was unconscious when Ted Wizard Mills pulled him out of the car. Ted Wizard Mills is the original lead singer of the group Blue Magic. Moreover, the video of Ted rescuing Joe DiMeo went viral on the internet. 

The Ones Who Give Hope

Joe remained for four months in the burn unit at St. Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston. Moreover, he was in a medically-induced coma for two and a half months of the total-four months. He was unable to move anything and had to remain on the bed. 

His parents, Rose and John, were always there to fulfill his basic needs and take care of him. He went through 20 reconstructive surgeries. But conventional surgeries were of no good in his condition. 

Dr. Eduardo D. Rodriguez is the director of the Face Transplant Program at NYU Langone Health. When Joe met Dr. Eduardo, they thoroughly studied his case, and he underwent testing and X-rays whole-body examination. After analyzing his conditions, doctors discover that Joe DiMeo had only a 6% chance of having an exact donor match.

However, with the Gift of Life Donor Program, doctors find a donor for DiMeo. The donor’s family was happy to save a young life. DiMeo has full confidence in Dr. Eduardo.

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Transplant Surgery Turns Successful

A team of eighty doctors transplanted both hands to the mid-forearm, including the radius and ulna. Transplantation of three dominant nerves to the hand, six vessels requiring a vascular connection, and 21 tendons occur during double hand transplant surgery. 

In the same double hand transplant surgery, facial transplants also occurred. It was a full face transplant, including transplantation of the forehead, eyebrows, both-ears, nose, eyelids, and lips. Moreover, transplanting of the underlying skull, cheek, nasal, and chin bone segments also occurs. 

Two cases of facial and hand transplants did occur previously. However, neither of the two were able to survive. However, DiMeo was able to speak as soon as he woke up, and for further improvements, he is in rehab. 

Moreover, it can take more than a year or a half to get back to normal life. But he and his family offer their gratitude to the family of the donor. He has shown remarkable improvements during the five months after surgery. 


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