Will You Swear Knowing Swearing Can Be Beneficial 

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People are having stressful lives, and it has been like this since ancient times. Swearing can help tackle unbearable pain and stress. Individuals dealing with uncontrollable situations may swear or do other activities. 

The coronavirus pandemic is adding more mental torture to the lives of every individual. Some people suffer emotional loss, some face economic crisis, and one way or another, individuals go through a difficult time, especially during a pandemic.

To tackle stress issues, anxiety, depression, and other health-related situations it is vital to release stress by some means. Some people do cooking, dancing, singing, painting, and other such-activities to elevate their mood and enjoy life by reducing stress. 

Swearing Generates Calming Effect

Research studies and experts discover that cursing during physically painful events enables individuals to deal with the situation in a better way. 

Moreover, during the coronavirus pandemic, due to multiple situations, uncertainty, and built-in chaos, individuals were at their peak of emotions, and some used vulgar language. Furthermore, swearing has a liberating effect when individuals are full of frustration. 

Dr. Raffaello Antonino is a counseling psychologist. Moreover, Antonino is the clinical director and founder of Therapy Central. According to Dr. Raffaello, swearing once in a while generates an immediate calming impact, especially when it is difficult to deal with emotions. 

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Is It Okay TO Swear All The Time?

Consider all people across the world: the majority will not agree to develop a habit of swearing. Cursing or using vulgar, abusive language is unacceptable in various communities, cultures, and religions. Moreover, some individuals consider it unethical and immoral to use the cursing four letter words. 

Furthermore, some words are known only to a small percentage across the world population. Besides, a devil will pronounce such words openly at places of worship. George Carlin highlights the seven words that individuals cannot say on television or are in the unspeakable category.

Experts basing on recent research do believe that cursing or using the f-word can reduce stress. However, a person who is habitual of swearing or cursing in every sentence; such individuals will not experience a stress-relieving effect. 

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Research published in The Journal of Pain in 2011 suggests that the body initiates its fight or flight response, and adrenaline release increases when a person swears or cures. Besides, such individuals will not be able to experience calming-impact upon cursing in a stressful-situation that swears up to sixty times per day. 

According to Dr. Richard Stephens, swearing is an emotive language, and studies indicate cursing waters down speakers’ emotional effects. Moreover, cursing can act as a pain-reliever, especially if an individual experiences physical trauma or pain. 

Cursing Better Cope Over-whelming Emotions

According to Antonio, for individuals who have been victims of inequality, injustice, or have been bullied and experience persistent pain, swearing works as a coping mechanism. Adding further, Antonino says that different individuals have different coping mechanisms to cope with uncontrollable situations.

According to Dr. Zrenchik, allowing people to swear freely enables them to live more authentically and honestly. Moreover, individuals develop two competing identities within one body. In such conditions, individuals suffer internal emotional imbalance and behave differently in front of every other individual. As a result, people experience multiple personalities and are unable to become happy as they are. 

Dr.Kyle Zrenchik says that swearing is a gift, a short-term pain relief with no side-effects, no copays, and no pills. Furthermore, it is natural, free, readily accessible by all for releasing physiological and psychological stress. 


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