Biden To Alter Abortion Laws For Women’s Health Globally

Joe Biden on Abortion and women Health

The health of women is essential for the progress of nations. President Joe Biden has made clear that his government considers abortion a vital part of health.  

The concepts and beliefs regarding abortion vary depending upon the communities, nations, cultures, and individual perspectives. Some people believe that every woman must have the right to abortion and support from the government to abort legally. However, other individuals think that abortion is like killing an unborn child. According to some people, abortion is killing-humanity. 

Individuals believe Biden has a different approach to abortion rights than Trump. Moreover, people’s remarks on the abortion policies of both presidents the current and last-president vary. 

Women’s health is equally as important as the health of men. Moreover, when organizations or authorities talk about the health and rights of women, they cannot exclude abortion laws. Some individuals consider abortion a personal matter. Besides, such people receive that to abort or not must be the decision of the pregnant women. However, governments must make access to abortion easy so that safe women can abort.

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Moreover, the majority of the people globally do not want their tax payments to fund abortion facilities. People disagree with paying additional amounts or money from their tax payments for allowing abortion. Joe Biden’s doctrine makes clear that his government promotes and aims to encourage abortion across the globe. 

People Remarks On Abortion And Women Health

HHS is a Department of Health and Human Services. Members of HHS appreciate Trump’s efforts, which enable Americans to protect life more than any other previous government, as well as Biden’s government. 

Trump protected the rights of unborn children by lifting government support for abortion. Moreover, if an individual does want to abort their child, then they have to pay for it, and its expenses will not be covered in the Affordable Care Act. 

According to Valerie Huber, President Joe Biden has a different approach towards women’s health and abortion. However, the public does want Mr. President to make new rules to provide more health benefits and rights for women empowered nationally and internationally. 

Yet, Americans do not agree to contribute to funds that promote abortion in other countries. Some individuals believe that apart from abortion-issues, there are other matters regarding women’s health that require Biden’s attention. 

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Critics Remarks-On Biden Administration Abortion Policy

Some individuals who do not support abortion promotion policies presented by Biden claim that their actions are influenced by powerful interest groups rather than desires for improving women’s health

Critics also described Biden’s abortion policies as a means to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights. Abortion is wrongly-called vital for health and as an essential health service. 

Universal Health Rights rules mention a universal right to life, and every individual or government is accountable for protecting the rights of born and unborn children. Moreover, the Trump administration highlights that there is no universal right to abortion. 

Considering or treating abortion as a vital health service is propaganda to advance sexual education and rights across the globe. However, withdrawing support for abortion will leave helpless, low-income women in misery to deal with the pain themselves. Moreover, this happened during the Trump administration. But with the Biden administration’s abortion promotional activities, women will be able to abort freely, safely, and legally, domestically as well as globally. 

Valerie Huber was the U.S. special representative for Global Women’s Health in HHS during Trump Administration. According to Valerie, the GCD will continue to protect the right to life internationally despite Biden’s efforts. Moreover, Huber explains that the right to life is part of the US Declaration of Independence. Thus, every American is accountable for protecting the lives of all.

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