COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Becomes Difficult, Who is to Blame? 

COVID-19 vaccine

The COVID-19 pandemic affects everyone one way or another, the discovery of the coronavirus vaccine is a relief for many. Individuals have different views regarding the usage and beneficial impact of the vaccine. Some agree to use the vaccination, but others are hesitant to use it. 

Few states have indicated a rise in the number of coronavirus patients. But in others, the spread rate of the virus is under control by following precautionary measures. Also, across all states in the US, vaccine dose distribution has occurred successfully. The distribution and administration of vaccines generate some problems in some communities. Individuals have various remarks, concerns, and doubts about the usage of coronavirus.

NYC-Mayor remarks that New York City vaccination data by ethnicity indicates a problem in vaccine distribution and administration. Mayor Bill de Blasio is the mayor of NYC, explains that the individuals responsible for COVID-19 vaccine distribution receive distrust and hesitancy from others, especially the Blacks. 

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Issues Arise Regarding COVID-19 Distribution

The mayor highlighted other issues as well, including the distribution of vaccines to priority groups. Furthermore, individuals are angry at the division of the population in ranks, including groups who are going to receive it first and who are going to get shots at the end. Moreover, whoever gets a chance to get their hands on vaccine doses, avail it. Individuals are in a race to get their share of the vaccine before others fight with one another. However, some individuals are unwilling to take coronavirus vaccine doses. 

The discrimination in society is breaking the peace and prosperity of the state. Some individuals have easy access to testing, diagnosis, and vaccination, while others face difficulty at each step. 

According to First Lady Chirlane McCray, ensuring equity among communities will enable the government to achieve its goal of protecting and vaccination all individuals in the US without discrimination. The First Lady wants every individual in the state to trust the effectiveness of the coronavirus vaccine.

 How Does The Public Response To The Mayor’s Announcement?

Of all the New York residents: 48% white, 15% Asian, 15% Latino, and 11% Black receives the COVID-19 vaccine, as per the data. However, some 40% of recipients did not provide racial data. Ever since the announcement was made regarding coronavirus vaccination, the mayor has been receiving critical remarks and backlash from the public.

 The public blames authorities for not being able to control the infection and now forcing individuals to get vaccine injections. According to Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, people of color have been suffering more from the pandemic. Moreover, demographic data indicates that the black community has been disproportionately hindered inequitable access to vaccination. Andrew Yang also agrees with Williams and the demographic data. 

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Moreover, the DOHMH data also highlights the inequalities among communities in the healthcare system. The system needs modification to provide every individual equal facilities without discrimination between people of color and others. 

 What Does The Mayor Plan To Improve Vaccine Distribution?

The mayor and the Taskforce on Racial Inclusion and Equity, both announce the next phase of its efforts named “Vaccine for All”. Moreover, the mayor is determined to vaccinate every individual without any discrimination and inequity. Prioritizing zones expanded from 27-33 as per the saying of the mayor. 

The mayor suggests educating people about various vaccine concerns and encouraging them to receive their share of the coronavirus vaccine. Building more new sites for vaccine administration is in progress to provide vaccination facilities to more individuals in newly added zones including Williams-bridge, Baychester, Flatbush, Jackson Heights, East Elmhurst, Richmond Hill, South Ozone Park, Kew Gardens, and Woodhaven. Vaccination distribution and administration schedule modifications are on hold due to the Snow Storm.

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