Revenge Bedtime Procrastination is Detrimental to Health

bedtime scrolling leads to mental disorders

Your bedtime plays a critical role in your health, and without sufficient sleep, your work performance and health get-worse. Moreover, emotional instabilities and mental health issues may also develop due to a lack of quality sleep. 

You may have heard of the term “Revenge Bedtime Procrastination”. It is a phrase in China that translates to sleepless night revenge. After spending the entire day working, individuals tend to relax at night. 

Moreover, to enjoy their time although they are tired and sleepy still, they continue to watch a movie or read a book and delay their bedtime. The feeling of something missing and desire to fill that emptiness individuals do various activities and intentionally delay sleeping. According to Aliza Shapiro, sleepless night revenge cases have risen during pandemics due to immense attachment with technology and work-from-home life. 

According to Aliza, individuals fulfill their desire for doing fun activities during the night at the expense of their sleep. Multiple social media celebrities and activists claim to suffer from revenge bedtime procrastination. Moreover, people share their joy of naming the problem through TikTok Videos or hashtags and feel relieved to know others have the same problem.

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So What Does Revenge Bedtime Procrastination Do To You?

According to Chelsea Ryan, the majority of her clients have children and do multiple jobs, or their home life is not that great. She elaborates that such clients initiate picking some time for themselves to do what they desire the most. However, the fulfillment of desires at the expense of sleep leads to the onset of mental disorders including depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. 

Compromising sleep to do activities that increase screen time, negatively affects overall health, and reduces the quality of sleep. Your body needs to rest, and there is no better way to involve whole-body relaxation and resting than sleep. 

According to Shapiro, spending most of your night using technology or scrolling is a habit of many. Moreover, individuals attempting to avoid or run from their thoughts and feelings involve themselves in scrolling or other such activities. 

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She explains that avoiding or running from your own emotions will not help you, but it will strengthen your feelings. Precisely the feeling that you have been suppressing or hiding. Furthermore, such actions lead you to severe anxiety and depression, leading to suicide. So for your own mental and physical health, try to control this habit.

What Can You Do To Stop Sleepless Night Revenge?

Research suggests that the feeling of having free time is effective in the well-being of individuals. However, utilizing the free time in health is an important issue that everyone needs to learn. According to Laurie Santos, getting more sleep is a solution for revenge bedtime procrastination. 

Spending the free time in healthy activities that enable you to learn and have fun both at the same time can solve the problem of sleepless nights. It is essential for health to get sufficient sleep, but the use of cell phones, Netflix, mobiles, and other technologies or apps before bedtime disturbs your sleep quality and duration. 

It is vital to reduce the use of technology, especially one-to-two hours before bedtime. You can take small breaks during your working day to move around, have coffee, sing or listen to a song. Moreover, 15 minutes break of yoga or meditation can also release stress and give you a feeling of satisfaction. 

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