A Low-Fat Diet Can Enable You To Lose More Fat Than Keto-Diet

Keto diet high fat low carb diet

Everyone wants to lose fat, and become pretty healthy, to achieve their goals some follow diet-plans like the keto diet, others do exercise. Moreover, few can manage both, that is an exercise with diet control. For overall health balance, a nutrition-rich diet and regular physical activity or exercise are essential. 

Some research studies suggest that a ketogenic diet is an ideal way of losing body fat, whereas other studies suggest otherwise. Losing weight is vital for longer life expectancy as obesity causes complications and leads to more diseases resulting in death. Obesity has an association with many other diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, kidney problems, lung issues, and other syndromes or illnesses.

Study To Determine Which Diet is Effective In Lowering Weight

National Institute of Health scientist Kevin Hall led a study with 20 participants to examine which diet was more effective in reducing fat between the keto diet and a plant-based diet.  

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A ketogenic diet recommends a low carbohydrate and high-fat eating pattern. Ten people will receive instructions to follow the keto diet, while the other half will be receiving a high-carb, low-fat diet. The participants of the study followed their diet plans for two weeks. Later, after two weeks, an exchange of diet plans occur. 

Hall notes how each participant changes with both diet plans. In this study, each participant followed both diets. Moreover, the changes that occur in them due to following these diet plans were noticed. Furthermore, their insulin levels, food consumption levels, and fat loss were also noted. 

The study concludes its results in a short time. According to the results, food consumption was much less in a low-fat diet as compared to a high-fat diet. Also, individuals following a high-carb diet lose more fat than the keto diet. However, for knowing which diet plan is effective in the long run, much more experimental-studies are essential. 

Kevin Hall And Fat Loss Study

The scientist Kevin Hall leading the study was eager to learn about the impact of the keto diet and high-carb diet on insulin levels. He shared his findings with the Washington Post and said that high-carb and low-fat diets like the keto diet do-cut down consumption and fat to some extent, but insulin levels cross over the normal range. 

The keto diet is effective in reducing weight by making individuals lose fat, but its effectiveness is still unclear. Moreover, every diet impacts the bodies of individuals differently. The selection of a diet plan for achieving one’s goal depends upon physiological, pathological, and psychological conditions. 

The Keto diet is efficient for some. But for others, it has limitations and too many restrictions. Furthermore, the diet acts differently on every individual. The study suggests that losing weight is possible with a low-fat diet and a high-fat diet. Moreover, within a short duration, the results of both diet plans were appreciable.  

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Diet For You

You must consult your physician and dietitian before initiating a new diet plan. Knowing about your body composition and condition makes it easy to select an appropriate meal plan for attaining health goals.

For some individuals, sticking to one diet is effective in losing weight. But others need to change their diet plans from time to time. However, excluding entirely any nutrients from your diet is not effective in the long run as it can cause nutritional deficiency leading to disease conditions.

Physical activity, a healthy lifestyle, and healthy eating habits are vital for overall fitness. Moreover, individuals must discuss with their doctors and understand the requirements of their bodies. It is also necessary to determine whether you have any food allergies or not. After considering multiple factors, select your diet to improve your health.


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