Are You Capable Of Hearing Voices of The Dead, Or Are These Auditory Hallucinations Only

Auditory Hallucinations or Listening voices of the dead

Able to hear voices within the normal auditory range is a blessing for every individual. There are certain events and factors capable of affecting the hearing sense of individuals. Some people listen to voices that are unreal and are part of auditory hallucinations

However, some individuals are unable to listen to any voice because of either mutation or accident that result in loss of their hearing sense. Hearing something that is not present in reality or being unable to listen; both conditions make life difficult.

The subject of clairaudience and clairvoyance are topics of interest for anthropologists and scientists. Anthropologists find these subjects fascinating for studying or understanding religious and spiritual experiences. Meanwhile, scientists are interested in discovering the cause of clairvoyance and clairaudience. Also, about the factor that enables clairaudience and leads to pathological hallucinatory experiences. 

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What Did Scientists Discover About Voices Of Dead?

Knowing about the dead or able to hear is a fictional belief. However, if it becomes a reality it will enable many to say their-goodbyes or share their true feelings at least once. Scientists have discovered a trait capable of making people more likely to claim that they hear the voices of dead people. 

A study suggests that individuals with a predisposition to high levels of absorption in tasks are more likely to experience auditory hallucinations due to which they claim that they hear voices of dead people. Moreover, the research indicates that individuals that experience-abnormal auditory experiences in childhood are susceptible to auditory hallucinations. 

The scientists who are part of the research say that the study enables us to understand auditory abnormalities accompanying mental illnesses such as schizophrenia.

According to scientists, knowing more about listening to voices of dead or auditory hallucinations will make treatment of patients with mental health issues easy and effective. Furthermore, it will enable scientists to control, cure, mitigate, and diagnose mental issues and hearing problems.

Researchers say that understanding the cause of the problem will enable eradicating it effectively for a short duration. The abnormalities of hearing can cause distress, leaving the condition-untreated causes more damage and may lead to death.

Research Strategy To Know Hearing Voices Issues

Peter Moseley is a psychologist at North-Umbria University in the United Kingdom. According to Peter, spiritualists believe that auditory experience in childhood is positive, and individuals can control it. Adam Powell is also a psychologist and works at Durham University in the UK.

Adam and Peter carried out their research and surveyed 65 clairaudient mediums from the UK’s Spiritualists’ National Union. They also recruit 143 members of the general population through social media. Comparison of the general population and spiritualists enable scientists to understand or discover the traits. Additionally, the characteristics by which the spiritualists claim to hear the voices of the dead.

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Spiritualists hear and believe in paranormal events and creatures as much as the general population does. 44.6 percent of the spiritualists hear voices daily, and 79 percent claim it to be a part of their daily lives. 

Spiritualists have high auditory experience since childhood and are capable of highly-absorbing mental tasks and activities such that they tune out the world around them completely. Moreover, Spiritualists have no idea of spiritualism, and they believe in it after searching for answers or experiencing it themselves. 

There is a need for further research to understand the relationship of absorption, belief, and the strange spiritual experience of ghost whispering. Furthermore, it is essential to understand various cultures and beliefs to understand their auditory hallucination causes and spirituality.

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