When Will Sufferings Of Black People Come To An End?

Black Coffee Northwest , Black Lives Matter
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Humans have made advancements in science and technology. Yet even in this era, some problems are still unresolved, including the discrimination between white and black people. Even in the 21st-century, nations are unable to eradicate racism, socio-economic differences, and many other health-related issues. 

There are places worldwide where people do not have access to necessities of life and fundamental human rights. The campaign of black lives matter highlights what people of color face in their day-to-day lives. Furthermore, life has been made hard for individuals with colored-skin. 

The inequality and hatred they receive in their community is unreasonable, and bullying individuals over their skin tone is entirely unacceptable. A local black-owned business has been the victim of hateful crime twice in three months in SHORELINE, Washington. 

Racism Still An Issue, In The 21st Century

By the 21st century, the majority of the people do know that the color of skin depends on the skin, and being black or white is not in control of the individual or their parents. Being a person of color is not a crime or a matter of discrimination. Nor shall a person become a subject to violence, hate, inequality, or any crime just because of his/her color of skin. 

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Multiple organizations are working globally to ensure that every individual gets fundamental human rights and shall not be terrorized. These organizations include the United Nations, Human Rights Watch, HRWF, PHR, and many other organizations working nationally and internationally. Moreover, these organizations fight for those individuals that cannot raise their voice. 

Many organizations are also working to ensure that individuals understand their fundamental rights. Also, the organizations fight to get rights for individuals so that no one has to suffer or compromise for domestic violence or street crimes. There are still individuals with no knowledge of human rights and how to get what is legally theirs. 

There are well-educated populations where individuals do not get basic human rights and are subjects of violence because of their colored skin. In America, even if it is a superpower, the black American population suffers daily public bullying and violence. Not all white people are bullied, but the majority of the black is facing hatred in one form or another from society.

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Black-Owned Businesses Subjected To Violence

On Tuesday, 12th January 2021, swastikas were scrawling outside Black Coffee Northwest, Shoreline, Washington. The owner of the business filed a complaint against the crime. Mikayla said that such hateful actions do hurt them, but they have to continue their business for their future. 

According to Mikayla Weary, they have been vocal about their “black lives matter” movement and will continue to work to have a better future. She agrees that the discrimination black people feel in their daily routine will not end in a day. However, she is hopeful that an action taken today will yield a better result in the future. 

Black Coffee Northwest will continue to run businesses and hire and train youth of color. So that they can one day open their enterprises. The Black Coffee Northwest is offering a reward of $10,000 for the capture of the arsonist. You can send tips to investigators at 1-800-55-ARSON.

Three months back, someone firebombed the business with Molotov cocktails to burn the entire building down to the ground. The criminal is still on the run. Black-owned business owners also have to listen to mocking statements from their customers or interacting-individuals with whom they interact almost daily.

Such bullying or violent acts do not and will not stop people of color from carrying out their day to day activities. Furthermore, they are hopeful that even if not today. But soon, people will live without racism and hatred towards each other.

Adeena Tariq Lari
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