Trump Cuts Funds Including Fund For COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Globally

Donald Trump to reduce funds

During the coronavirus pandemic, many events were either delayed or canceled. However, the presidential elections for the United States did occur, and election campaigns were also organized. As a result of the election Trump lost the presidential-ship, and Joe Bidden became the new President. 

Trump To Cut Funding

Trump is now completing whatever work was pending before handing over the matter to Joe Bidden. Some agreements need the signatures of Donald Trump, and he is responsible for settling some issues. 

Among other changes, Congress cut $27 billion from spending bills upon the direction of the White House. The spending bill decreases by $27 billion, the group that was going to help the international COVID-19 fight will not receive $4 billion.

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POLITICO received a package, and according to it, lawmakers are to cut spending bills as Trump wants to lower expenditures before leaving his office. In the desire to cut spending, Donald Trump reduces or limits some funding. Trump also orders to cut donations for a group, which is responsible for the global health and coronavirus vaccine distribution program, to end COVID-19.

Other funds for various development and research programs will also decrease according to the January 2021 rescissions program. Trump limits or blocks funding, saying that other countries do not contribute to groups. Particularly the groups that are working on research, development, socio-economic and humanitarian issues. 

Will Funding Be Reduced?

The White House has made a request to Congress to cut the spending bill. But there is no chance that Congress will implement such demands. 

Furthermore, cutting of spending bill may be appreciate-able, but Trump will receive criticism for cutting funding for GAVI. GAVI is a public-private partnership that works for global health progress. It also makes it possible to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine in low-income or developing countries. 

Blocking or cutting off funds for a group that works for the betterment of global health and does humanitarian work will receive critical remarks. Furthermore, it will not be acceptable for the Americans as well as people across the globe.

The language of authorities in policy for vaccine distribution states that the $4 billion is for an emergency that the U.S will provide for global coronavirus vaccination. However, the States will vaccinate individuals with a high risk of coronavirus within the United States before supporting international funding.

How Much Decrease Occurs In Funds?

According to instructions of Trump, the overall cut out of the spending bill is $27.4 billion. To achieve such an amount, a reduction or blockage of multiple funds occurs. Moreover, blocking of funds for federal departments, smaller agencies, and foreign aid programs occurs.  

January rescission package cut out $1.5 billion for emergency overseas food aid, and more than $2 billion for AIDS relief. The package also cuts more than $1 billion to assist refugees and victims of conflict worldwide. 

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Billions for scientific research, including $2 billion for research and development of renewable energy and energy-efficient technology will be cut out. According to the rescission package, hundreds of millions in federal student aid will not be available from now on. Yet if the new President revises the package, there is a possibility that these funds will continue.

$291 million to programs that promote democracy worldwide, $241 million in economic support for countries across the globe, $500 million in a foreign military, $12.3 million for research on firearm mortality and injury prevention will be cutout.

The amount for the National Institutes of Health reduces by $13 million. The cultural exchange program will decrease by $430 million, and funds for climate research programs at NOAA will lower by $181 million. 


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