Is Oatmeal All Good To Consume Daily – Know What You Didn’t Know Earlier!

Oatmeal toppings must be healthy

Individuals change their lifestyle, diet, and personal habits to lose weight and become healthy. Various diet plans suggest eating oatmeal is ideal for your health, especially if individuals consume it in the morning.

Managing your weight by controlling your calorie intake and diet is effective in staying healthy. However, it alone is not sufficient to lose weight; you will have to do lifestyle alterations and exercise with a balanced diet. 

Eating balanced food items is essential to get all the nutrients that the body needs. If you skip one nutrient from the diet and excessively consume another nutrient, it will cause more damage than good. 

There is a possibility that a deficiency of a nutrient causes diseases. Similarly, excess of the nutrient can also lead to eating disorders or other diseases. Thus, eating various foods rich in nutrients in a balanced amount is vital for staying healthy. 

Is Eating Oatmeal Beneficial For Your Health?           

Oatmeal has been part of the human diet for ages, and it is no doubt one of the nutrient rich breakfast foods. This is also the reason why most diet plans encourage eating it. Oats are rich in dietary fibers and suitable over long term courses. 

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Eating a balanced amount of oatmeal in your day to day life, on and off, is healthy for the human body. However, eating an excess of it can generate a negative impact on your body. Like in other fields, maintaining a balance is the key to success; similarly, a balanced diet is essential for a fit body and mind. 

According to doctors and dietitians, there are some side effects of eating excessive oatmeal daily. According to Dr. Gan Eng Cern, most people like their oatmeal sweeter, so their sugar intake increases. People add artificial white sugar, chocolate chips, and other sweet food items for sweetening in oatmeal. These additional items reduce the positive impact and nutritional value of  it. 

Furthermore, eating such amounts of sugar daily will make you gain weight and consume extra calories, fats, carbs, and sugars. Moreover, if the oatmeal is topped with walnuts, flaxseeds, too many sugary items, and butter, such meals will do more damage than good. 

According to Lisa Young, if you begin eating oatmeal, it can cause bloating; for initiators, it is important to begin its consumption from a small amount and gradually increase to the desired amount.

What If Individuals Put Their Entire Focus On One Food Item?

According to Dr. Eng Cern, eating oatmeal or breakfast has its nutritional value, but limiting yourself to one food item for a longer duration will make individuals miss out on various food items. 

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Moreover, the feeling of missing out on the variety of foods that individuals can eat but are not eating because they want to lose weight or stick to oatmeal for breakfast makes individuals depressed and lose energy. 

Eating oatmeal daily will make you slim and enable you to lose weight. However, suppressing your appetite too much can lead to a deficiency of nutrients or malnutrition. Besides, the muscle mass will decrease drastically. 

The situation gets worse if you eat only oatmeal throughout the day, resulting in the reduction of work performance. Moreover, individuals may experience diminished alertness and sharpness. 

According to Shannon Henry, eating oatmeal in bits and gradually increasing its amount will lower gas or bloating risk. And also, the harmful outcomes from your body will disappear. 

To benefit from eating oatmeal for breakfast, it is essential to select a certain balance amount depending upon your body requirements. Moreover, select appropriate nutritious toppings for your oatmeal and try to avoid added sugar as a topping. For added taste or sweetness, you can use healthy fruits or other natural food items. 

Adeena Tariq Lari
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