SHELFIE Or SKINIMALISM, What Will You Choose For Your Skincare?

Skincare Naturally

Women and men have always used skincare and cosmetics to improve their skin condition. The beauty of your skin depends on its texture and health, enhance taking care of it has always been one of the utmost priorities of individuals. 

But which skincare product will yield a healthy impact on your skin depends upon your skin sensitivity and present condition. However, everyone needs to take care of their health, including outermost layering of the body that is the skin. But before using any commercially available advertised skincare product, you must know the nature of your skin type. 

End Of SHELFIE For Better Skincare

 2021 will be the year of setting new trends beginning with the rise of SKINIMALISM and end of the SHELFIE. People have been convinced through the marketing of skin care products that the more you use expert’s high-quality skincare product, the better it will be for your skin.

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New brands immerge quickly since early 2010s and encourage people to have skincare products of multiple types to improve their hair, nails, facial skin and overall body-skin. The result of the massive encouragement leads to bathrooms filled with more than 125 products for each individual. The more products on your shelf, the better was the trend back in 2010, and this trend is soon ending in 2021.

Initially, brands convince people to use multiple products of their brand to become more beautiful and have flawless skin. So people started using the products, no doubt within initial use of the product the skin does become fairer or fresher. In long-term use of products, the skin issues occurrence increases like sensitive skin, acne or others. Excessive use of these products leads to abnormal skin conditions and hypersensitivity. 

The trend is changing for various reasons, including pandemics, ever-worsening climate change, economic crisis, widened wealth-gap, and the negative impact of the product on individuals’ skin.


Although people who are crazy fans of SHELFIE feel anxious when the shelf is empty or has fewer products, dermatologists often advise against a product–heavy approach. According to Aimee Paik, people are using so many products that their skin shows hypersensitivity. And also, there are many ingredients in skincare products that irritate. Furthermore, some ingredients are not even needed.

SKINMALISM combines makeup with skincare yielding a perfect combination for your skin that enhances your beauty and improves skin condition. Moreover, SKINMALISM encourages people to adopt a no-makeup look or wear light makeup. It will also allow individuals to be confident about their skin and accept its skin-color, texture, pores, blemishes, and discoloration. Adopting SKINMALISM is a sign that many people want to move away from those unrealistic beauty standards of perfectionism. 

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In the previous year, according to Pinterest’s report, the trend of no-makeup looks has risen by 180 per cent. Whereas the search on how to improve skin glow naturally has risen four times. 

What Will Happen Next?

The signs are clear that individuals want to get away from these heavy-products and filled shelves. A large number of products on the shelf is unnecessary and is a burden on your budget and planet. 

According to Deters, it has become rare that people tag them on SHELFIE filled with dozens of products. Individuals are now trying to improve their skin condition by natural plants, and other dietary products. 

Eating a healthy diet, having proper sleep, hydration, nutrition, exercise and stress hydration enables individuals to improve their skin condition


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