COVID-19: Situation Getting Worse As Death Toll Rises

Dr. Fauci on COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic is nowhere near its end as the variant virus is more contagious and continues to hunt more people. The death rate due to coronavirus has crossed the previous per day death toll—those who can get their hands on the vaccine fight with others to get one. 

The death toll for the U.S. tops 4000 deaths a day. COVID-19 variant strain cases are appearing in other countries and states. All countries have contacted vaccine manufacturers to get the COVID-19 vaccine as early as possible; the situation can get out of hand, and so people are recommended to follow precautionary measures at every cost. 

Immediate actions are need of the hour, as the virus keeps evolving and causing deaths of deaths. Moreover, the irresponsible behavior of the people can become a problem and cause worse situations. According to experts, the Capitol Hill riot may have become a super-spreader event, causing coronavirus infection in millions. 

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Where To Is The Coronavirus Leading?

The coronavirus has evolved three times, and the newest strain is 70 percent more transmissible. The death rate has been increasing since the beginning of winter, people continued their Christmas celebrations, and now the riot on Capitol Hill, all these actions have increased the transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

Dr. Anthony S. Fauci is the top infectious disease expert in the United States. In his Thursday statement, he warned people that the coronavirus death toll will continue to rise in the coming weeks. He also requested individuals to wait for their turn of vaccination patiently.

The death toll in the U.S. has surpassed 365,400, and the situation is leading to worse outcomes. However, according to Dr. Fauci, it is possible to control the condition by following precautionary measures wearing face coverings, practicing social distancing, and washing hands frequently. Moreover, people must avoid going to gatherings and unnecessary visits outside the home. 

People Reaction and Authority Suggestions

The growing cases of coronavirus and deaths increase anxiety, depression, frustration, and chaos in society. Thus, Dr. Fauci requests people to be patient with the changing situation and delays in vaccination.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms that at least 5.9 million people in the United States have received one of the two COVID-19 vaccine doses authorized for use. Authorities aim to give 20 million individuals their first shot by the end of December. 

Vaccinating the large population of the United States requires the efficient working of healthcare officials and citizens’ corporations. The American Hospital Association recommends making more efforts to vaccinate individuals. Health workers have vaccinated more individuals in the last week than the previous two weeks. 

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The Behavior Of Healthcare Professionals

According to Richard J. Pollack, although hospitals are the central part of vaccinating people, healthcare professionals alone cannot do it. Furthermore, health care professionals have to treat critically-ill patients. 

Some healthcare professionals suggest following the C.D.C. guidelines, while others suggest otherwise. According to Dr. Fauci, after observing the situation for the next two weeks, authorities will bring further alterations. 

Moreover, there are cases in which the COVID-19 doses are misplaced or injected into individuals not on the list. In the race to get the hands-on vaccine, individuals begin to fight each other. 

Countries are contacting COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers to get the vaccine for their citizens as soon as possible. According to experts, the variant virus is spreading quickly. And to control the worsening conditions, nations have to follow precautionary measures. 

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