Take-out Time For Yourself And Improve Your Health

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Due to coronavirus lockdown, almost every individual spends most of their time inside their apartment or residential area. Eating a healthy diet and achieving fitness goals become the aim of many individuals, but few could bring changes in their lives. The majority of 2020 days go by sitting on the couch doing online work, eating at home, and going to bed; days continue to go by following the same triangle-pattern. 

The global pandemic, financial or emotional stress, hard to do jobs, and other socio-economic factors make individuals tired. It isn’t easy to have some time for yourself in the hectic routine, but it is essential. The time individuals spend with themselves brings physical, mental, and behavioral changes and improves overall health. 

Take-out Time For Yourself To Improve Health

There are multiple ways to spend time doing what you like the most. You can read a book to improve your knowledge, paint or do yoga to relax, or go swimming to calm yourself. With a little environmental change, a few minutes spent improving your overall health can bring positive outcomes. 

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Developing good eating habits and healthy lifestyle changes improve individuals’ behavioral, mental, and physical condition. Furthermore, once you adopt a healthy lifestyle and good habits, it becomes easy for you to follow them. 

A change in habits will not occur in a day, yet it is possible to step-by-step bring little changes in your lifestyle and eating habits. Moreover, these alterations will benefit you the most. 

Rigid exercise routines and over-restrictive diets are never suitable for a longer duration, you may lose weight, but it won’t be effective after a certain duration. Also, will not yield positive health outcomes as individuals cannot practice it for a lifetime.

What A Study Suggests About Rigid Exercise Routine

John Beshears teamed up with researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins University in 2015. The team aims to test different ways to help 2508 google employees exercise at the company’s gym more often. And, the result of the study were published in the journal Management Science in October.

In the study, 2508 individuals were divided into three groups and were given financial incentives, while the control group included random participants that exercised without financial-benefits. These individuals were to exercise for 2 hours per weekday in the company’s gym. At the end of four weeks, financial incentives ended. Beshears and the team members noticed participants’ exercise routine after these four weeks. 

According to study results, people who did harder exercise were less willing to continue. In contrast, those who exercise according to their free will in normal routine continued exercising off and on. Thus, normal exercising improves health over a longer duration.

According to John Beshears, the team thought that by the end of their experiment, Google employees with a rigid exercising routine would adopt the habit of exercising. However, the research team was surprised to see that individuals that have a habit of doing exercise ended up developing the habit of exercising.

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Its Time To Improve Your Habits

 Although there are multiple factors during the pandemic that cause individuals to get lazy or less physically active, now it’s time for you to set your goals for 2021 to improve your overall health and habits. 

Exercising or dieting separately will not be productive; for optimal results, follow a healthy diet with sufficient exercise. Your daily routine can and may vary but throughout the day. Yet you can find an hour or half an hour for exercising.

Exercising does not have to be of the same body part every day; you can do arm exercise one day and belly-exercise some other time or day. Similarly, exercising with exercise tools is not the only option; you can go swimming or play tennis or outdoor games that involve physical activity. 


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