Get FDA Approved COVID-19 At-home Test From Amazon

COVID-19 Saliva testing

COVID-19 strain is evolving, and the variant strains are highly transmissible; according to some, they are more deadly. In some countries, there is no occurrence of variant COVID-19 cases. Yet in the U.K. and some other states, issues of variant COVID-19 occurred. 

Efficient and effective testing is essential to control the spread of coronavirus. The virus is transmissible, airborne, and spreads from humans to humans through droplets and contaminated-things. Thus, it is essential to maintain social distancing, wash hands frequently, and sanitize other body surfaces. 

Wearing a mask, eating food that boosts the immune system, and following all precautionary measures are vital for your protection and the safety of your family or those around you. People with few signs or symptoms of coronavirus infection are requesting tests as soon as possible. Moreover, there are huge waiting lists of the ones waiting for their turn for the test.

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Coronavirus Test At Home

Most of the business operations and other activities are working through Amazon and other social networking sites. Cases of coronavirus are again on the rise, and the demand for testing is increasing tremendously. 

However, now testing lines are no longer an issue as you can get COVID-19 tests through Amazon at home. The FDA approves the coronavirus test available at Amazon, and these tests will save time and energy for individuals. According to Dr. Robert H. Shmerling, nasal swabs for coronavirus testing are better options than saliva testing as nasal swabs give more precise results.

The Food and Drug Administration, responsible for drug approval and other health-related issues, approves the DxTerity Covid-19 Saliva at-Home Collection kit for emergency use. Official-approval occurs in the last month of 2020. So far, this test kit is the only at-home coronavirus test available for sale on Amazon. 

The DxTerity Covid-19 Saliva at-Home Collection kit is available in a single pack and a pack of 10. The single pack cost is $10, while the price of a 10-pack is $1000.

Is The DxTerity Covid-19 Saliva At-Home Collection Kit New?

DxTerity Covid-19 Saliva Collection kits aren’t new, but the company claims that the kits are the first to receive FDA emergency use authorization for symptomatic and asymptomatic testing. 

The DxTerity’s kit includes an empty tube for saliva collection that will test the presence of COVID-19 in the customer body. DxTerity will send a saliva collection Los-Angeles based lab with prepaid shipping. The company will also deliver results to the home between 24 to 72 hours after receiving the sample. Sample collections, shipping, and resulting delivery instructions are available at the Amazon shop of the DxTerity shop. 

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More than 130 corporate partners in the U.S. have already used the DxTerity saliva kit. Five hundred companies and pharmaceutical organizations also use DxTerity Saliva Kit for COVID-19 testing. Furthermore, on-site COVID-19 tests are available comparatively at a low cost, and for at-home saliva collection kits, consumers will have to pay a premium amount for their convince. 

The at-home DxTerity Saliva kit provides accurate results and is beneficial as customers do not have to step a foot out of their home. The at-home COVID-19-kit reduces your exposure to the outer environment, and with little-exposure and a short time, customers can get results by using DxTerity-Saliva Kit. 

According to Bob Terbrueggen, Ph.D., the aim of making the kits available at Amazon is to access customers at home and small businesses, and using Amazon for that is the best option as it connects to millions of people in the U.S. 

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