State Officials Concerns That COVID-19 Vaccine Is on Shelves, But Health Officials Say Otherwise

COVID-19 Vaccine - Healthcare Officials Working Tirelessly to Formulate Distribution Plans
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Coronavirus outbreaks across the globe, affecting every being on the planet. Besides, the virus causes millions to lose their lives or the lives of their loved ones. However, the COVID-19 vaccine provides a ray of hope that the coronavirus-infection will be under control, and life will get back to normal. 

Although healthcare departments have received some doses of the vaccine, state officials have concerns about the vaccine distribution. According to state officials, the COVID-19 vaccine has been sitting on the shelves for the previous week. 

However, healthcare professionals of Central Texas disagree with their concerns and say that the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine is going as planned. Initially, there was a delay as the 200 Moderna vaccines arrived a day before Christmas Eve, but distribution is not an issue anymore. 

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According to a spokesperson Kelly Craine, upon receiving 200 doses of Moderna vaccine at the McLennan County Public Health District, healthcare professionals were thrilled. However, they were unable to start vaccinating until the following Monday.

What Procedures For Distribution Of COVID-19 Vaccine Is Under Process?

According to Craine, health districts have carefully scheduled out doses to ensure that not even a single vial gets wasted. Furthermore, they even try to schedule backups or last-minute fill-ins if required. 

A vial of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine contains multiple doses so it is essential to utilize each vial once it is open entirely. If you do not use the entire vial upon opening, the risk of contamination increases. As a result, already-open-vial is not reusable. So groups of individuals are organized by the authorities to receive their share of vaccine doses. 

Furthermore, according to Craine, they have been very cautious that if someone can’t show up for whatever reason, then they inform the agency so-in-so didn’t show up who else is available to get the coronavirus vaccine

Data about those who are getting shots is gathered, and a list of those to get next is also available to minimize the occurrence of any errors. Those who receive a single dose shot will require a second shot dose for achieving complete immunization. 

What Else Is Going On?

The Bell County Health District doesn’t have their delivery yet. Furthermore, Amanda Robison-Chadwell said that they did not receive any confirmation on how or when they will be receiving doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. 

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According to Chadwell, they were to get their share of the vaccine in the coming week. However, there is no fixed date for when the coronavirus vaccine will arrive in the Bell County Health District. 

Also, whenever the COVID-19 vaccine doses arrive, individuals in phase 1A recipients will receive shots first. Phase 1A contains individuals that are healthcare experts or professionals in the medical field. These doses will not be for the general public who are eligible for phase 1B. 

In addition, pharmacies other than Bell County and McLennan County have also received coronavirus vaccines. However, these other pharmacies give doses to staff members first. Staff individuals receive about 100 doses of coronavirus vaccine to vaccinate against SARS-COV2 infection.

The rate at which people are getting vaccines is not fast, but it is not slow as well. Health care professionals have to make sure that individuals get their share of the coronavirus vaccine. Moreover, they are responsible for distribution of vaccine according to proper guidelines and without any hustle-bustle. 


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