Moderna Coronavirus Vaccine Doses Wasted By A Pharmacist

coronavirus vaccine Moderna COVID-19

Coronavirus is spreading continuously, and the variant forms of COVID-19 have arisen fear among individuals. The hope of ending COVID-19 and lockdown-arises when the vaccine against the virus receives FDA approval. 

Some vaccines against coronavirus are under formulation by multiple pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies. Moderna COVID-19 vaccine has FDA approval for emergency usage. Similarly, Pfizer/BioNTech Coronavirus vaccine is effective and safe for emergency use as per FDA instructions. 

However, coronavirus vaccines that have EUA of FDA require certain-storage conditions for safety and efficacy. All drugs have suitable storage conditions under which these drugs remain stable, effective, and safe. Similarly, the COVID-19 vaccine also requires certain storage conditions of which storage temperature is most vital to maintain.

Coronavirus vaccines require refrigerating temperatures for storage, and such storage temperatures are difficult to maintain during transportation.

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If a vaccine is not at the mentioned storage temperature, then the vaccine formulation becomes unstable. Moreover, such a vaccine that is not under storage conditions becomes ineffective and may cause more damage. So it is essential to keep all drugs under the storage conditions mentioned on the label.

Moderna COVID-19 vaccine

The biotechnological company that formulates mRNA vaccines found in America is named Moderna. The company uses mRNA technology to advent a new branch of medicine for patients’ treatment. 

Moderna COVID-19 vaccine is also an mRNA vaccine, and it is more than 94.1% effective. FDA also gives its approval to use the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine for emergencies. 

The Moderna COVID-19 vaccine is stable if kept at temperatures between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius. In Fahrenheit, the vaccine requires a temperature between 36 and 46 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, keep the COVID-19 vaccines at a close, clean, and dry place. Moreover, keep the vaccine where all storage conditions are practicable. 

Healthcare professionals are responsible for the administration, and storage, or dispensing of coronavirus vaccines. Thus, healthcare professionals, particularly pharmacists, must ensure that the vaccines are under the required storage conditions. 

Keeping coronavirus vaccines within storage conditions will maintain the vaccines stable throughout their shelf life.  

Negligence Of The Pharmacists

A pharmacist was arrested on Thursday in Milwaukee, in the United States of America. Charges against the pharmacist are that he willingly makes the vaccine harmful, and spoiled more than 550 doses of the Moderna vaccine worth between $8000 and $11000. Police in Grafton, Wisconsin, reported the case. 

In a statement, Grafton Police Department said the pharmacist had been dismissed from his duties by Advocate Aurora Health hospital system. He is also in the custody of police under charges of negligence of duty, ignoring safety laws, making the drugs impure and ineffective by negligence. And criminally damage and destroy the property (medicine) for the prosperity of humanity.

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Officials will also inform the public of the charges upon him latterly. Furthermore, a licensed pharmacist, whose name is Steven Brandenburg was also arrested on Thursday on the same charges, according to the Ozaukee County Sheriff’s Department

According to officials, the pharmacist in his statement admitted that he consciously kept the vaccine out of the refrigerator. Although he knows the reasons for storing the vaccine at refrigerating temperatures, he still placed the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine out of the deep-freezer. He also knows that the vaccine becomes ineffective when we keep it out of the refrigerator and at room temperature after 12 hours.  

According to Chief Jeff Bahr, the institution where the incident occurred does not want to disclose the responsible-pharmacists, but that person is under police custody in Ozaukee-County Jail. Bahr further adds that 57 patients do receive the ineffective Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. Fortunately, they do not have any adverse reactions. The pharmacist believed that people receiving the vaccination is a deception. And that he knew that those vials did not contain any vaccine in the first place. 

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