People Defy What Healthcare Professionals Say, Know How?

Healthcare professionals against people travelling during coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has forced everyone to follow precautionary measures, but people are not following healthcare professionals‘ recommendations entirely and are traveling. 

In 2020 due to the deadly virus, festival celebrations were not like they used to be. Yet, the transmission rate of the COVID-19 is out of control, and the situation is hard to handle. Although a vaccine for infectious coronavirus is now available, it does not solve the crisis. As the distribution of the vaccine is another difficult task. 

The health sector is responsible for the distribution of vaccines, according to guidelines, without letting the vaccine reach the black market. Healthcare professionals have exhausting experience from working day and night during pandemics and dealing with serious-coronavirus patients and their deaths. 

Despite what scientists and healthcare workers recommend, people are traveling, as they feel safe by following precautionary measures. The flights have delta blocks in the middle seat and a proper ventilation system enabling people to travel safely, for their emergency reasons. 

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COVID-19 Change The Celebrations Of Festivals

Again and again, healthcare professionals urge people to limit their gatherings and avoid crowded meetings, festivals, and parties or weddings. However, whatever the healthcare workers say to people, the people are not paying any head to it and continue to travel according to their plans of end-of-the-year-travel-season.

Although the size of crowd is quite small, the number of traveling passengers is huge. Around 84.5 million Americans are among the expected list of passengers during the 12 days of the end of 2020 and New Year’s Eve. Furthermore, more than six million travelers have done screening since last Friday by the TSA. It is the highest number of passengers that will be flying this year. 

People are all ready to travel towards their destinations with their masks on and are following precautionary measures. Previously, people could not celebrate Halloween the way they used to. Similarly, now Christmas is not how it used to be. Luckily people can travel to their loved ones as airport facilities are on-track. In addition, airport management makes sure that everyone travels safely by following proper precautionary measures.

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Healthcare Professionals Do Not Recommend People Traveling

According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, people may or may not show symptoms of coronavirus infection. Furthermore, the COVID-19 virus can remain silent in their body and become virus carriers. People that are asymptomatic carriers of the virus can spread the coronavirus to others. Those who get infected with the virus from asymptomatic carriers can develop active coronavirus-infection. 

Moreover, Dr. Fauci elaborates that the transmission of coronavirus in small gatherings occurs at almost the same rate as in large meetings. For instance, you call a group of five people to your home who have no symptoms of any disease and are perfectly fine, but any of them can be an asymptomatic carrier. Also, it can put the lives of those present in their surroundings in danger. 

According to Megan Hunt, a traveler, she and her family follow all the precautionary measures and choose Huntsville International Airport for traveling as it is safe and not as hectic as any other larger airports. No matter what healthcare professionals say, people are continuing their flights. This year almost every plan is full as compared to flights of last year. Furthermore, Sunday is still to come and will be the busiest travel day of the Christmas holidays as 20% of the ones on vacation will return. 

Adeena Tariq Lari
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