Coronavirus Vaccine Turns Healthcare Workers Against One Another, Who Is To Blame?

Coronavirus vaccine

The coronavirus pandemic is nowhere to end soon, and everyone wants to get their hands on the COVID-19 vaccine. The coronavirus vaccine is possibly the only solution to end the pandemic. However, further research will continue to formulate better treatment strategies. 

In the race and wish to get the COVID-19 vaccine-first, the hospital workers first started turning against one another, which was disappointing and worrisome for everyone. The executive of a New York hospital, writing to his staff members (who did not have priority to receive the vaccine), elaborates that the act of cutting the line for the vaccine was something not acceptable and highly disappointing.

Although anxiety, chaos, and depression spread during the coronavirus pandemic, the risk of an increase in crime rate and selfishness can lead to catastrophic outcomes. Such acts of stealing or cutting off protocols are disappointments as human beings.

What Goes Wrong With Coronavirus Vaccine Distribution?

The New York-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital is one of the most highly reputed and regarded hospitals in New York City. Last week a rumor spread that there is no monitoring of the line of coronavirus vaccine recipients. As a result, anyone can get shots with or without priority protocols. 

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The already decided sequence for coronavirus vaccine shots was that the most exposed healthcare professionals would receive them first. And then later other lower-risk department professionals. 

However, as rumors of an unguarded vaccine line spread, those who work from home received the vaccine first. As a result, staff members that had been working throughout the pandemic day and night did not get their share of shots. Moreover, upon not receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, they were angry at the management of hospitals.

Dr. Craig Albanese is a top executive at New York-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital. He expresses his disappointment and sadness at the occurrence of such behavior in the hospital.

Previously, last week, sufficient coronavirus vaccines arrived at New York City hospitals. However, because of the irresponsible behavior of the administration of hospitals, the priority group of doctors and nurses were unable to get the vaccine first. There is now very little supply of vaccines left in hospitals that is not enough for highly exposed healthcare professionals.

What Is The Situation Now?

Further, some doctors and nurses expressed their concerns over the distribution of the coronavirus vaccine. Although hospitals give priority to their employees to get the vaccine first, that did not go well as planned. Yet, the real trouble will be vaccinating all adults when the government allows their vaccination.

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Individuals who get shots before anyone else, post their images or videos on social networking sites of getting vaccines. The healthcare professionals who were supposed to receive first re-shares those videos by adding their remarks like ‘do the person even deserve a shot before them?’.

On top of that, healthcare professionals are threatened by hospitals for saying anything to the news media. Otherwise, doctors or nurses who leak any internal information will receive a termination-letter or a punishment by the hospital.

Some healthcare professionals consider the ranking of healthcare professionals a disrespectful act. They believe that all health-care-workers shall receive equal treatment. Regardless of whether they are pediatricians, anesthesiologists, cosmetologists, or any other healthcare worker. 

The debate regarding coronavirus distribution, hospital management, government rules, and role, and many more questions are under discussion in various social media groups. A limited supply of vaccines has turned one doctor against another.

However, the New York-Presbyterian denied all the rumors. They also said that they are successfully vaccinating by following all New York State Department of Health guidelines on vaccine priority.

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