Department of Health And Social Services Would Be Divided, Says Mike Dunleavy.

Alaska Health And Social Service Department To Be Divided

Health and social services come side by side for the betterment of society, and these departments work day and night. Public health is the priority of almost every country. Dunleavy and Crum decided to divide the health and services department into two.

The health and social services department aims to work to improve the quality of life of the citizens. Public fitness is vital for the progress of the country towards a better future. The division of the health and social service department occurs to improve the work efficiency of the department.

When Did The Division Of Health And Services Department Occurred?

On Tuesday, Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy announced that he would be splitting the state’s healthcare department into two. Alaska Department of Health and Social Services Commissioner Adam Crum also elaborated that the department is too big.

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 Adding to that, he said, it is essential to divide the department to enhance the quality of work and sharpen the focus towards better serving Alaskans.

The department employs 3500 people and is the biggest Health and Social Services department in the state. Furthermore, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the workload has increased. The employees are always working to settle down an emergency or control crisis. 

Thus, the decision of division comes after considering the current situation and plans of Mike Dunleavy to formulate new state agencies through an executive order. 

What Will The New Departments Be Like?

The two divided departments will deal with different matters. One will be the Department of Family and Community Services, which aims to protect vulnerable Alaskans. Under this department, there will be various offices including the office for the Division of Juvenile Justice, and the Office of Children’s Services. It also includes offices for the Alaska Psychiatric Institute and the Alaska Pioneer Homes Management. 

The second division agency will be the Department of Health. Under the department of health will be Senior and Disabilities Services, Behavioral Health, and Public Health. Public Assistance and Health Care Services divisions will also come under the Department of Health. 

Moreover, it is not clear how the divided departments will work. Also, the draft of the executive order is still not formulated. According to Dunleavy, he has no idea how much the division would cost. However, he said he thinks there will be no expense of dividing the department and only employees will work more efficiently.

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Will Employees Be Replaced In The New Formulated Departments?

According to Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy, there will be no need for replacements or reapplications for the new health department or department of family and community services. He adds that those who are currently working will continue to do their jobs in the manner they are doing. 

Also, there will be no disturbance in the activities, work criteria, and wages. Employees without any concerns about keeping their jobs can continue working devotedly with passion. 

However, it is not clear how long it will take to divide the departments and the workload. According to the website of the governor, if the executive order goes into effect, then the appointment of a new commissioner will be done by Gov. Dunleavy. Then the selected commissioner needs confirmation by the legislature to begin working officially. 

Yet, the time in which the process will take is still not known. In case you have any questions regarding the division of the Health and Social Services Department Alaska. You can send your queries to

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