Opioids Overdoses Deaths, Who Is The Culprit?

Opioids Misuse
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Opioids are prescription-only drugs, which means they are dispensable when there is an official prescription for dispensing them to a patient from the healthcare professional. Any misuse of opioids can result in lethal consequences as it causes addiction in patients. And that, in turn, leads to death.

Some people blame the schemers who lied about opioids. The blame was also put on White House officials, who have been in office since January 20, 2017. All those who have lied regarding opioids have jeopardized the safety of millions and cause death of more than half a million Americans.

When To Take Opioids?

The health care professional team is responsible for the selection of opioids for specific patients. Opioids are pain relievers, but they are capable of causing addiction in users. As a result, people start abusing opioids, and their addiction leads them to death. 

Many Americans have died from an opioid overdose. Government and healthcare officials previously gave opioids to those who were terminally ill or suffering from cancer. According to last Thursday’s report of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 81000 people died due to opioids overdose in the 12 months starting May 2019. 

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The highest number of deaths occurred due to opioids-overdose before the coronavirus pandemic. Opioid addiction was a top public health issue in America before the outbreak of COVID-19 and likely to be an issue until something is not done about it. 

Since the beginning of 1990s, opioid dosing and addiction issues have been noted by the CDC. But the situation worsened from May 2019 to May 2020, as the highest rate of addiction occurs during these 12 months as compared to previous years, so the CDC thoroughly checked the cases. 

The reason for the excessive prescription of strong opioids and deaths due to overdose was the mistake of a healthcare professional, active, and passive federal regulators. Furthermore, profit-oriented pharmaceutical industries, with the help of drug wholesalers, pharmacies, hospitals, and doctors, collectively are responsible for the terrible mistake.

What they all did wrong was that they approve prescribing powerful opioids liberally for non-cancer patients. They also administer opioids to those who are not terminally ill and whose pain is curable with other medicines. 

What Trump Has To Do With Opioid Epidemic?

According to some critics of the Trump administration, Mr. Donald Trump has been jeopardizing the safety of the public multiple times. Further throughout his presidency, he has been manipulating true-figures and making false claims. 

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The newly released data from the government indicates that Donald Trump may not have become president of the powerful people behind him did not spread vast misinformation. This misinformation cost heavily with the deaths of thousands of humans. Those who die of opioids’ overdose voted for Trump in the 2016 election. 

Trump failed to fulfill predictable promises, but his lack of responsibility towards opioid victims is unacceptable. Not only did he let down the expectations people had from him, but also he snatched the support which the victims had before his administration. 

People are angry with the authorities as they fail to protect the public and victims. Also, by not doing what was needed for the hour. The list of wrongdoers continues to grow as frauds came under lightening. Those who must receive severe punishment are free and did not even pay any fines. 

However, McKinsey and partners running Purdue have paid fines and apologized for promoting the use of opioids for non-cancer patients. Also, former pharmaceutical executive John Kapoor had to go to jail for five and a half years. The punishment was for federal crimes relating to the sale of prescription fentanyl. Yet Richard Sackler is on the run and is responsible for promoting sales of OxyContin.

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