Social Gurus Consider A Healthy Diet Sufficient Against COVID-19

COVID-19 and food

COVID-19 pandemics affect everyone, but the impacts vary from person to person. During the initial days of the pandemic-situation, no one knew what was happening. There were many unanswered questions in every individual’s mind, which led to stress and anxiety issues with other disturbances.

As time passes, discoveries about the virus, its type, possible infection sites and organ damage, treatment strategies, and preventive measures become public. However, around the internet, many myths and inaccurate treatment strategies spread, leading to overall instability. Also, some people due to misguidance lost their lives or their loved-ones lives. 

On the internet, it is easy to get information, but the authenticity of information is unknown and leads to complications. Some people believe blindly whatever their social media gurus say about different matters. Following their advice can cost you your health. Science describes the arguments as garbage and unrealistic or illogical.  

Some social-media celebrities advise that eating a healthy diet and doing exercise is enough to protect yourself from the pandemics. Furthermore, feeding the body the best quantity and quality of food rich in nutrients will protect you from the worst effects of COVID-19.

What Do Social Media Gurus Have to Say About Coronavirus?

The social media celebrities or motivators or entrepreneurs all come under social media gurus to whom random people listen. These gurus are the voice that matters on social media. But are they feeding people the right information or not is controversial. 

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People listening to or following such social media personalities must try to make sure or find scientific proof or evidence confirming that what these personalities are saying is true or not. Some of these people are providing correct information and are serving society in true essence. But others are misleading people and as a result, people are resisting following the precautionary measures set by healthcare professional workers and government officials. 

Those who focus on improving diet quality include alternative-health gurus, medical quacks, and social media grifters. And also, at least one celebrity chef and former presidential candidate. These people do not deny the existence of the coronavirus and its virulence. Yet, they say that the authorities have deliberately ignored the issue of diet in their safety messaging. 

According to social media gurus, coronavirus is not much of a pandemic but true-pandemics are a longstanding preponderance of diet-related diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and obesity. 

Is It True That A Healthy Diet Saves You From COVID-19?

Healthy eating and healthy lifestyle habits are beneficial for overall fitness. And also, it has many positive outcomes, but it alone is not sufficient to protect you from the coronavirus pandemic. 

A healthy lifestyle consisting of eating nutritious food, doing regular physical activity, and exercise is vital for improving mental and physical fitness. Moreover, such lifestyle habits enhance your life expectancy and lower the risk of many diseases. 

A nutrition-rich diet does boost your immune system that lowers the risk of developing severe infections and mortality rates. However, a healthy lifestyle alone is not sufficient to protect you entirely from the coronavirus infection. It can be an initial step, but it is not the final step. 

Scientists and doctors do not consider following healthy eating habits sufficient against coronavirus. Moreover, they recommend following precautionary measures like wearing a mask, using sanitizer frequently, washing hands often and social distancing, and many more. Along with these precautionary measures, following a healthy lifestyle can yield better results and protect individuals from the COVID-19 infection.

Practicing precautionary measures will not harm you or those around you, and it is not difficult to follow them. No one is saying that improving diet is of no use, it has its benefits, but due to the seriousness of the situation, it is ideal to follow precautionary measures. 

The War On Social Media Between Social Media Gurus And Professionals

Social media provides you a means to share your ideas, information, thoughts, feelings, and many more. People are using their freedom of speech negatively as they spread misinformation. Some of these people have an audience of tens of thousands.

Aseem Malhotra is a cardiologist in the UK. In a tweet, he says that COVID-19 is a diet-related disease. Further, he said that poor metabolic health is a bigger issue than coronavirus, and with better physical fitness and immunity, individuals can fight against the virus. 

According to Dr. T. Colin Campbell, eating a plant-based diet and whole foods do wonders for mental and physical health. People who are tired of masking, social distancing, and contact tracing can consider a change of diet. 

Nicola Guess is an associate professor at the University of Westminster and Head of Nutrition at the Dasman Diabetes Institute. According to her, diet is and always has been a vital aspect of ensuring overall health. However, there is zero evidence supporting the claims that healthy eating can protect individuals from contracting COVID-19. 

Boosting the immune system with natural nutrition-rich foods not only improves its activity. But it also increases the performance of the defense system. Moreover, that enables your body to fight effectively against pathogens, resulting in a lower risk of severe infections. 

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Were There Any Fines Made 

Australian celebrity chef Pete Evans was fined $25000 by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of the country this year for online claims and inventing a program called Biocharger. It is a program with a thousand different recipes and includes recipes for coronavirus infection. 

Former Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson also favors the use of nutrient-rich foods over pharmaceutical formulations. Further, she blames officialdom because they are resistant to discussing boosting the immune system through vitamins and encourage only other pharmaceutical formulations.

Not all but some individuals were to pay fines because of misinformation or misguidance to people by officials. According to David Gorski, using diet to prevent or treat illness is nothing new – it has been an old alternative medicine fantasy that cannot come true. 

According to Dr. David Robert Grimes, following a healthy lifestyle and eating habits to prevent infectious diseases and boost the immune system is the belief of people who lack an understanding of immunology. 

The idea of entirely modifying your diet to improve your health without following precautionary measures for coronavirus is a mistake that can jeopardize your safety and of those around you. 

You may not get coronavirus infection upon contracting the virus with a stronger-immune system. But you can become a carrier and put the lives of those around you in danger by not following precautionary measures. You can improve your lifestyle and eating habits, but you must also follow precautionary measures as they are a requirement in the coronavirus pandemic situation.

Adeena Tariq Lari
The author is a graduate of dental surgery from the Dow University Health Sciences, Karachi. She has an academic background in content writing as well as English literature, giving her an edge in the field. Adeena is always curious about physical and mental health. She is always passionate about research and delivering high-quality reliable content to users.