Coronavirus Silently Damages Blood Vessels Of Children

Coronavirus in children

The outbreak of the coronavirus, which causes SARS-COV2, has made the world encounter many challenges. The coronavirus pandemic led to the implementation of lockdown to control the spread of the disease, which elevated many psychotic disorders worldwide.

COVID19- is also found to influence blood vessels, particularly in children. A study of biomarkers makes evident that the blood vessels in children are devastating due to the subsiding infection. 

COVID-19 causes complications and reduces life expectancy. Besides, the virus has immensely affected the mental and physical health of almost every human being.

According to Dr. David Teachey, the researchers conducted testing on children after they fulfilled the clinical criteria for Thrombotic Microangiopathy (TMA). Dr. David Teachey serves his duties as an oncologist and hematologist at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania.

Coronavirus And TMA

 David Teachey states that TMA takes in its coverage of an individual exposed to mild symptoms of COVID-19 or an asymptomatic individual. TMA has the potential to cause harm influencing the long-term health of the patient. 

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To find out whether the coronavirus causes TMA in children or not, Teachey and colleagues conducted a study. This study consists of 50 hospitalized-pediatric patients with coronavirus. Then a comparison of the data of these 50 patients with the data of 26 children without infection occurs. 

According to these comparisons, the levels of sC5b9 is higher than normal (257 ng/ml or less). Also, the level of sC5b9 is higher in coronavirus infected patients than uninfected children. 

There is much research in the process, and some are about to finish while others are complete. Teachey and colleagues publish their findings in the Blood Advances regarding COVID-19, TMA, and its damaging effects on children. 

How SARS-COV2 Infection Affects Blood Vessels

The coronavirus infection affects the blood vessels of both children and adults, but the severity of damage and effect varies in them. Moreover, coronavirus damages small blood vessels in adults. It can also lead to TMA with thrombocytopenia and increased organ damage. 

Meanwhile, children with cancer and TMA have a high risk of severe illness late in life. These illnesses include hypertension, severe early kidney damage, cardiovascular diseases, and many other diseases or conditions. 

According to Teachey, the situation of children with TMA gets worse with age, so researchers need to study more about it to improve and treat the condition effectively.

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A possible reason for TMA occurrence is the unregulated formation of the C5b9 membrane attack complex due to complement dysregulation. And also, C5b9 can act as a biomarker of the TMA condition.

Is It Possible That Children Have No Symptoms Of COVID-19 But Have Positive Test Results?

Children may have COVID-19 but show no signs or symptoms of coronavirus. However, some coronavirus child-patients may show mild symptoms. Mostly, teenagers with co-morbidities develop severe respiratory symptoms and require hospitalization. 

Some children and teenagers also develop multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C). MIS-C is a hyper-inflammatory syndrome that causes fever, inflammation, and organ dysfunction in the presence of coronavirus in the body. However, the condition, as its name indicates, is rare in adults. 

If MIS-C gets worse, the patient experiences shock and cardiovascular collapse, and 80% of patients in this condition require care in the pediatric intensive care unit. And also, MIS-C develops one or two weeks after SARS-COV2 infection. Thus, it is a post-infectious immune-mediated condition distinct from other manifestations of coronavirus infection.


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