Is Trump Delaying COVID-19 Vaccine For White House?

Delaying COVID-19 vaccine for White House

The coronavirus infection continues to spread and affect the lives of billions of people across the globe. Although some pharmaceutical companies can formulate the COVID-19 vaccine, the distribution is still an issue that needs resolution.

Since the pandemic, there has been an increase in anxiety, stress, and chaos. Moreover, because no one knows how to deal with the situation. In this chaotic condition, health-care workers have been working without a break to treat the patients somehow. 

Researchers and scientists across the globe work day and night to formulate a vaccine. Also, formulate monoclonal antibody therapy or any other possible treatment for coronavirus.

As the vaccine formulation and approval process is complete, now the issue of distribution and who will be vaccinated first arises. Governments’ officials will be responsible for deciding these matters. Britain has already announced its priorities for vaccination. But vaccination distribution and priority group selection for Americans depends upon the decision of Donald Trump, although the administration of Joe Biden will be responsible for distribution. 

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White House Officials That Are COVID-19 Positive

Mark Meadows is the White House Chief of Staff who has tested positive for coronavirus infection. Whether he had shown symptoms of severe acute respiratory syndrome or not is unclear, but he got the positive test results for the COVID-19-infection on 6th November. 

According to a CNN report, the White House staff is trying to keep his diagnosis secret. Last month, around thirty-six people working in the White House, including President Donald Trump, had positive test results for coronavirus. 

The names of those who had or are COVID-19-positive remain confidential. Although the government announced that high-risk health care workers would be the first to receive the vaccination, that was not the case. According to a New York Times report, the administration was planning to distribute the vaccine to its staff first. 

Furthermore, according to some White House staff members working in close quarters with Mr. Trump, they were about to receive doses of coronavirus-vaccine soon. Also, two sources familiar with the distribution plan of the COVID-19 vaccine confirms this. 

As news of White House staff members receiving the vaccine spread a few hours later, President Donald Trump said Sunday night that White House senior staff members would have to wait for vaccinations in the coming days.

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What Does President Trump Have to Say Regarding The Coronavirus Vaccination?

Donald Trump has been COVID-19 positive in October and recovered after hospitalization. In his press-release mentioned that he had no immediate plans to get the vaccine for himself but will do so in the future. 

Further, Mr. Trump, through a tweet, made clear that people working in the White House should receive the COVID-19 vaccine somewhat later when specifically necessary. The tweet comes hours after a National Security Council spokesman had already defended the plan. 

One of the people inside said that the administration’s goal of distributing the vaccine in the West Wing was to prevent additional government officials from getting COVID-19 infection in the final week of the Trump administration.

 However, eventually, every staff member will get the coronavirus vaccine. Staff members have a different opinion regarding getting vaccines for themselves. Some were eager to have their hands on vaccines while others may have felt guilty.

Why the change of plans occurred, or what caused the alteration, and whether Mr. Trump was aware of this before-hand is still not clear. Furthermore, it is unclear how many doses of the coronavirus vaccine the White House received. 


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