Bariatric Surgeon Suggests Eating Starchy food To Lose Weight

Starch food to lose weight

Health is vital for living a life with success in every aspect as if you are not healthy and are over-weight, your professional, as well as personal life, will be affected. 

According to Garth Davis, M.D., for healthy living eating, excess vegetables, fruits, and starches are essential. Nutrition comes from the food you consume, but you must select the food with maximum nutrients and benefits. 

Most importantly, never exclude any nutrients from a diet for longer durations as it will start creating problems for your health. As nutrients by definition, mean substances essential for life and health, so you cannot exclude something vital for like. 

You follow various diet plans, exercise schedules, and activities to get slim and fit. Besides, the purpose is mostly to reduce weight and improve your outer appearance as nobody is interested in your nature all everyone cares about is the outer-appearance. 

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Eat Nutritious Food To Lose Weight

What you eat or drink makes your body healthy or unhealthy depending upon the quality and quantity of food you consume. However, whatever you eat, you must eat in balanced amounts and practice healthy lifestyle habits. 

Like for living, you need three things: air to breathe, water to drink, and land to cultivate, grow, and reproduce. Although the air we breathe contains pollutants, we continue to breathe the same air as it’s a requirement of life. Similarly, every nutrient is essential for the living body, no matter whether it is fats, starch, carbohydrates, or lipids. Moreover, because everything has its pros and cons.

These substances do contribute to weight gain but only when consumed more than the required amount. Completely excluding something from your diet is not the solution you need to co-exist, and so does the body. Eating balanced amounts of every essential-nutrient, vitamin, and mineral will enable one to lose weight via healthy means. 

Besides, you must do some physical activity daily, but try to do different exercises or movements each day. Start your day with a healthy breakfast, and try not to eat after eight at night.

Also, avoid an unhealthy lifestyle and prevent yourself from eating unhealthy food. Besides, get proper sleep of six to eight hours as, during this period, your body repairs itself. 

What Do Bariatric Surgeons Suggest?

Bariatric describes the medical treatment of seriously overweight people. If someone is unable to lose weight by any means, then such individuals can undergo bariatric surgery. In bariatric surgery, stapling of the stomach of obese people occurs to help them lose excessive weight. 

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The surgery may seem extreme, but you all know that obesity increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and stroke. So bariatric surgery not only makes you look and feel better but also is potentially a lifesaver.

According to Garth Davis, who is a bariatric surgeon, feeling hungry all the time makes individuals feel sad, anxious, and depressed. And so, eating starch is vital because starchy food provides the body with fibers that make individuals feel full. 

Furthermore, starchy food consumption not only fills your hunger sensation but also provides gastrointestinal benefits. Starchy foods get digested over a longer duration and mostly keep the lower part of the gastrointestinal tract filled. As a result, you do not feel hungry too quickly. 

Garth Davis suggests eating more and more fruits and vegetables, but highlights that individuals cannot take all the fiber they need from fruits and vegetables and thus requires starchy food to fulfill fiber requirements. Besides, for starch consumption, you can eat quinoa, teff, beans, lentils, millet, and even homemade sourdough loaf. 

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