Is Diabetes-Related To Dogs And Being Dog’ Owner Jeopardizing Your Health?


Diabetes is common all around the world irrespective of age, gender, community, race, and socio-economic status. It is still a subject of research even though science and technology have made much progress. 

Yet, there is no complete treatment methodology that can eradicate diabetes. Herbal medicine for its treatment is under investigation, and researchers are working to develop specific and precise treatment. 

Diabetes type 2 and diabetes type-1 can be lethal if monitoring and treatment strategies are not proper. According to new findings, the owners of diabetic-dogs are more likely to suffer from diabetes type 2. 

Diabetes and Pets, What Is Their Relation?

A registered-based study published in the BMJ, done at Uppsala University in collaboration with three other universities, describes the relationship of pets with their owner. More precisely, the relationship between a pet and its owner’s health. 

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According to the study, dogs that have diabetes type 2 their owners also are at a higher risk of having the same disease. However, it does not mean that the dogs transfer the disease to the owner as it is not a contagious disease. 

Furthermore, cat owners do not share the risk of developing diabetes with their cats. Although all pets lower their owner’s stress levels and give a feeling of joy and calmness. But not all pets can sense diseases in their owners. 

Previously many studies have been done on the relationship between pets and their owners. Besides, there are many more studies on animals, particularly dogs, and human relations with them. 

The methodology of the Research

Considering all previous studies, many questions arise in the minds of the professors of Uppsala University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Questions were in the minds of the researchers of Karolinska Institute and the University of Liverpool. These questions lead them to conduct a study that aims to find out whether there is a link between dogs, their owners, and diabetes or not.

Data obtained from more than 175000 dog owners and almost 90000 cat owners was no easy task. The research-methodology became possible through the joint efforts of researchers from the institutions and Swedish veterinary insurance that has registration in the Swedish population and health registers. 

For six-years, the participants were under monitoring, and the owners of cats and dogs were either middle-aged or older. During the research, researchers analyzed the risk of diabetes in owners. Additionally, the incidence of canine and feline diabetes in dogs and cats was also subject to analysis. 

According to the results of the research, the risk of developing diabetes increases by 38% in individuals with a diabetic-dog. No increase in the risk of diabetes development occurred in people with cats.

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Why Owner Of A Dog With Diabetes At A Higher Risk Of Diabetes?

The reason behind the question is not the dog but possibly the physical activity. Most dog owners do physical activities together. A dog owner has the dog as a partner. They may sit all day on a sofa, or move around the room, or go for a walk. The dog is always with the master. 

So the routine of exercise, physical activity, or movement is somehow similar. According to Beatrice Kennedy, the research does not focus on household lifestyle and eating habits. Also, knowing such information can further improve the results and can also explain the relationship even better. 

Moreover, the chances of developing diabetes if you have a diabetic-dog vary according to the breed of dog. Female dog owners have a higher risk of becoming obese than male dog owners. 

According to Tove Fall, humans and dogs have been living and evolving together for more than 15000 years. A novel study shows what can be mutual between a dog and its owner. 

Adeena Tariq Lari
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