You Want To Lose Weight By Doing Exercise, Now Its Possible

Exercise to Lose weight

Becoming fit and healthy  is a dream of almost every person as it adds a positive impact on your personality. For a healthy body you need to do multiple activities including exercise and also need to alter habits. Being obese is a problem for everyone irrespective of their gender, age, race, profession, etc. 

Obesity creates multiple issues and leads to complications of the disease in obese individuals. Further, the mortality rate and morbidity rate increase, the chances of recovery from a disease lowers if the person has an unhealthy habit and is obese. 

Thus, to become healthy physically as well as mentally, you need to be cautious of your lifestyle and eating habits. Physical activities play a vital role in lowering weight. However, diet is equally significant for your health. 

How Much Exercise Is Essential To Obtain Healthy Weight?

A new study suggests that to lose weight, you need to exercise for 300 minutes per week. That is, you need to have a proper workout-schedule for the exercise of all body muscles for six days a week. Also, working for one hour for six days a week will enable you to lose at least three-thousand calories. 

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It is possible that doing excessive exercise does not help you in losing weight. That is because you do not maintain a balanced diet and only focus on doing hard-exercise that tires the muscles. As a result, the body starts to consume more calories to get back the lost ones. If your body follows this practice, then you will lose weight by doing exercise but regain more than they lost weight. 

Different previous-researches give various reasons for this type of response from the body. Kyle Flack is an assistant in nutrition at the University of Kentucky. Kyle begins to search for ways that can help in losing weight by doing exercise.  

How Kyle And His Colleagues Conducted The Research?

Kyle and his colleagues conducted the research and published it in 2018. For the study, they asked overweight, sedentary men and women to start exercising. Besides, these participants were to exercise in such a way that they burn either 1500 or 3000 calories per week. 

After three months, they monitored the metabolic rate of everyone, but there was no change in it. But Kyle Flack felt that many questions were unanswered and for that, the study was modified and repeated. The aim was to find answers for the remaining arising questions. These questions include asking about the duration and frequency of work-outs of individuals and the type of exercise the participants did. How do different physical activities affect people’s appetite hormones differently?

When they repeated the study, the findings were published in November in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. The participants were new but overweight men and women. According to the study procedure, the participants need to work more than 90 minutes until they burn 750 calories a session or 1500 calories a week. 

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Monitoring of individuals every two weeks and after 12 weeks of excessive exercise for more than 40-60 minutes showed weight loss. 

The Impact Of Exercising On Appetite Hormone

The participants, who worked out for a longer duration and burned-down more than 3000 calories a week, were able to regulate their desire to eat. Moreover, exercise alters appetite-hormone that decreases appetite and enables you to lose weight. 

The most vital point to note is that you can lose weight with exercise only if you manage to do more work-out. Specifically, doing exercise that can burn more than 3000 calories per week will result in weight loss. 

Besides, the study occurred only for a few months, and the researchers do not have any idea of how doing excessive exercise for a longer duration will impact the body. If you want to lose weight and remain fit, you need to start moving. Also, marinating a balanced diet, avoiding unhealthy habits, and doing regular exercise together helps you to lose weight and then maintain it. 


Adeena Tariq Lari
The author is a graduate of dental surgery from the Dow University Health Sciences, Karachi. She has an academic background in content writing as well as English literature, giving her an edge in the field. Adeena is always curious about physical and mental health. She is always passionate about research and delivering high-quality reliable content to users.