Use Serum In The Right Way To Improve Your Skin Condition

Facial Serum

Glowing skin is the wish of almost every individual as it enhances beauty and gives you a positive image. Serum can provide you with the flawless glow that you require for your skin. Humans are very cautious about the skin condition, color, texture, and overall situation of skin. 

To enhance the glow of your skin, improve its condition, make the skin more vibrant and soft, you use multiple skin products. Also, you are picky and mindful when selecting products for your skin. As it impacts your personality so, of all the things you purchase, you are overly attentive when purchasing skin products, cosmetics or serums, etc. 

Serum For Skin DO Wonders

Serums are thin-viscous topical formulations for nourishing, protecting, and hydrating your skin. Applying a face serum is beneficial for skin, but its timing, quality, and quantity determine its impact on your skin. Also, you must apply the right serum for your skin type after cleansing and before moisturizing. 

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You can use a serum for multiple reasons that include improving skin coloration, preventing acne, soothing sensitive skin, and providing more visible results. Serums also absorb into the skin quickly, forming a protective layer. 

In addition, serums contain concentrated-active ingredients like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, retinol ferulic acid, green tea, resveratrol, astaxanthin, and many more. These ingredients enable serums to protect your skin from free radicals, ultraviolet light, pollution, and future damage. 

Available Serums In Market

There are various types of serum available in the market with multiple combinations of ingredients. However, you must select your serum according to your skin type and condition. Also, always take a look at the ingredients of the serums you purchase. 

There are various types of serums manufactured by different companies. However, the main categories to which these serums belong are anti-aging serums, skin-brightening serums, and hydrating serums. Moreover, some other categories are free-radical fighting serums, acne-prone and sensitive skin serums, and reparative/texture improvement serums. 

The composition of each category is specific, depending upon the goal for which serums are used. For example, anti-aging serums include more retinol, whereas skin-brightening serums include Vitamin C, ferulic acid, mushroom extract, among others. Similarly, other categories of serum have different compositions. 

Is Using Multiple Serum Effective For Your Skin 

Well, it’s complicated, although the serums do wonders for your skin if you select a suitable serum type for yourself. But using more serums at the same time can cause more harm than benefit. According to Joshua Zeichner, M.D., mixing different serums that contain irritating products can be overly harsh on the skin. 

Further, Joshua added about layering skincare products and said that unfortunately, people when mixing different serums they don’t know whether this mix will inactivate each other or not. If applying two layerings causes any irritation, redness, itching, or bumps, immediately stop using both serums. Use calming agents for a week or two then your skin will repair itself. Furthermore, avoid using the layering that you previously used as their new addition or combination that causes a reaction to your skin.

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Skin Type And Modified Serum

While mixing serums, make sure you do not mix two layerings, of which one contains Vitamin C, and the other has strong-ingredients like AHAs or BHAs. If you want to use two serums, change their timing of use, and apply them separately. 

Use retinol serums at night and vitamin C serums during the day. If you have very dry skin, you can mix two hydration-specific serums. Moreover, hydration serums contain hydrating agents that mix-well with each other without causing harm to the skin. To prevent the serums from drying off on your face, you must use an occlusive product that can seal the nutrients. 

You must apply the serum in a specific manner that your dermatologist prescribes you. Similarly, if you purchase a full routine from a brand, then you must follow that routine as they formulate their products for the desired pattern. These modified serums are suitable for use in the specific order that the company provides. 

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