COVID-19 Second Wave Challenging The States, According To Last Week’s Reports

COVID-19 Second Wave
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COVID-19 is spreading at an alarming rate daily, infection rate, hospitalization rate, and the death rate are on the rise. The situation has been difficult for all to deal with and continues to put pressure on healthcare workers. The fears of top scientists and the healthcare experts regarding COVID-19 infection as winter is approaching, are becoming a reality with every passing day.

Since the beginning of pandemics, the coronavirus cases have been increasing. During the winters, infection cases, hospitalizations, and deaths have been enhancing considerably. Furthermore, in the first week of December, more than 200,000 cases appeared in a single day. 

COVID-19 Turning Into A Nightmare

Jennifer Nuzzo is an epidemiologist and a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. According to Jennifer, the rise in infections is like an extraordinary acceleration, and it is less of a curve and more of a vertical climb. 

Dr. Bruce Siegel is the president of America’s Essential Hospitals that represents more than 300 safety-net hospitals. According to Dr. Bruce Siegel, the new coronavirus crisis is going to be a huge stress test for American Health Care. 

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During the first week of December, the death rate due to COVID-19 infection has crossed the number of deaths reported in the spring. The extent of hospitalization of coronavirus patients has multiplied, as more than 100,000 people in the U.S. need hospitalization for COVID-19. That number doubled from last month’s record. 

According to Siegel, the hospital will soon reach their limits if the condition continues. 

 The situation in the Midwest is better, but parts of the Northeast exhibit a higher incidence of coronavirus infection. 

Thanksgiving, a bliss or curse for COVID-19?

Coronavirus outbreaks and 180000 daily new cases are emerging across the USA. Some states have shown a drastic increase in the number of COVID-19 infections. Ohio, Illinois, and Michigan have more cases than any other state. 

Thanksgiving may bring with itself another wave of the pandemic virus across the country, states NPR. 

An incline in the COVID-19 diagnosis occurs. The majority of Americans travel to spend the holiday with friends and family.

According to Nuzzo, a sharp increase in COVID-19 cases is still expected. By the mid of December, a clear picture of the impact of thanksgiving in spreading the disease will be obtained. 

Dr. Thomas Tsai emphasized following the SOPs as they are still competing with the consequences of Labor Day. Tsai warns the public of stacking surges upon one another.

Coronavirus wave will be even worse, unlike previous vacations. The prevailing condition have enforced people to stay indoors. Siegel fears the Thanksgiving surge will be stacking on previous surges, as millions of people becoming victims to COVID-19 in the Christmas holidays. 

 The second wave of COVID-19 is hitting hard

The U.S record of death rate breaks the record set in April. This week around 2,900 deaths occur in one day, with the daily death rate reaching 2,000 nationwide.

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According to Nuzzo, a decline in the death rate occurred in the summers, as new groups started becoming victims of coronavirus. Statistical data shows that younger people are more prone to coronavirus. 

A sharp increase in the death toll occurred in the final week of November. According to the CDC, Christmas may lead to between 9,500 and 19,500 deaths due to coronavirus. 

The Lightheadedness Of The Majority

In November, new COVID-19 restrictions were enlisted by the states. In high-risk areas, face masks may become mandatory, particularly in North Dakota and Iowa.

Washington, Oregon, and New Mexico set strict restrictions as they are facing challenging conditions because of the novel coronavirus.  

States that were conducting their daily routines as normal are enforcing strict guidelines to aid in fighting the virus. 

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