Biden Nominates Becerra To Be Secretary Of Health and Human Services

Xavier Becerra

A source confirmed that President Joe Biden is looking forward to nominating the secretary of Health and Human Services. The president believes the former congressman and California Attorney General Xavier Becerra is a perfect fit for this position. 

The source is familiar with transition discussions. However, they lack the authorization to speak on the record. 

Xavier Becerra – Nomination For Health and Human Services

The nomination took place on account of the frequent visits of the top law enforcement official in California. Becerra to court quarreling over Trump administration policies on healthcare, immigration policies as well as the environment.  

At the start of the year, Becerra led an alliance with 20 states, and D.C. is asking the Supreme Court to ponder over the circuit court decision. The decision risks invalidation of the Affordable Care Act. 

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Becerra’s selection to be Health and Human Services Secretary was first reported by the New York Times. News of Becerra’s nomination, yet, needs conformation from the Senate.

 At the age of 62, he took control of the most challenging public health crisis in its midst at the massive agency. Around 280,000 Americans have lost their lives to coronavirus, and about 15 million have been diagnosed with coronavirus. 

In the meantime, the administration of Trump has been working tremendously to erode the Affordable Care Act and repair it using congressional action. 

To fulfill the promises of Joe Biden about strengthening the ACA or administrative and executive action is essential. The experience of Becerra as attorney general of California may prove fruitful, as he possesses a law degree from Stanford. Besides, the numerous, strong leaders across America will be playing important roles in the lives of Americans to make life easy for others.

Becerra, being the second high-profile Latino, is nominated for a cabinet position by Biden. Biden also intends to nominate Alejandro Mayorkas to lead the Department of Homeland Security. 

Joe Biden To Select More People of Color For Higher Positions

Furthermore, Mr. President Joe Biden is under pressure to nominate more people of color for high authority positions. New Mexico Senator-elect Ben Ray Lujan shared in an interview with CNN that he is happy over the nomination of Alejandro Mayorkas. However, he adds that he wants to see more people of color at high posts, given equal rights and powers as other people, without any discrimination.

Michelle Lujan Grisham is a well-qualified American Lawyer and politician. she is happy for the nomination of Attorney General Xavier Becerra. According to Grisham, people like Hispanics, Latinas, and Latinos shall also get more chances to perform well in government offices. Grisham mentions Tom Perez, who has done incredible work and has been confirmed by the Senate twice. Besides, there are many talented and qualified professionals across America. According to her, they can fulfill the responsibility of looking after the American in any field. 

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Well, everyone is curious to know about the members of the health team, and NPR has asked Biden’s spokespersons multiple times about the health team. NPR has also multiple times reached out to Becerra’s communications director on the same topic. However, there has been no news or official announcement by the government till now. 

According to transition officials, the Government or Biden’s spoke-persons will announce the new health team as early as possible in the coming week. 

Previously, Becerra was likely to have a U.S. Senate seat that was left empty by Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. But now, due to his selection, his nomination for that seat is not possible. However, Gavin Newsom is the governor of California and is a Democrat and is trying his best to get the coveted post in the U.S. Senate.

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