Children Obesity You Need To Resolve

Children gardening with parents

Childhood memories are a source of enjoyment and happiness for the majority of people. No matter what your age is, individuals always miss their childhood. Parents have a key role in making childhood memorable for their children. Because the best memories you remember become the cause of happiness. Similarly, bad memories become a source of discomfort. 

Impact Of Obesity On Children’s Childhood

Obesity can cause the child to face mocking and bullying, in school or elsewhere. Furthermore, it can yield a bad influence on the personality and psychology of a child. Also, suffering from obesity from a young age increases the risk of developing other diseases in adulthood. For example, an obese child is at a higher risk of developing diabetes, hypertension, cancer, and osteoarthritis at a young age. 

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A child is likely to experience bullying due to being overweight as people in the locality may call the child bad names and may even avoid communicating with him. Apart from mocking obesity, they are unable to perform as effectively as healthy children. Thus, the child will develop sad childhood memories.

Moreover, such children who are not welcomed by society start spending time in isolation and become anti-social. However, there is a percentage of obese children who become able to deal with criticism and improve their physical and psychological health. Similarly, if they accept their body shape and become motivated to adopt a healthy lifestyle and eating habits, their childhood can become memorable. 

You Are Not Alone

If you have an obese childhood its normal, don’t get upset over it. Being an obese child, you are not alone as 28% of children between age two and fifteen in England were obese as per the 2017-2018 survey. According to a study, such children are likely to be overweight later in life as well if they do not adapt to healthy lifestyle habits. 

However, don’t lose hope if you have an obesity issue in childhood. Still, you can try to lose weight with devotion and passion. Begin following healthy habits as soon as possible the earlier you start, the better results you will have. Parents also shall motivate their children to do healthy physical activities like playing outdoor games, brisk walking, running, jogging, jumping, etc. Moreover, children must eat healthy nutrition-rich food and a balanced amount of nutrients.

Also, obese children shall try to spend more time with their loved ones, who support them, encourage them, and are there for them at all times. Besides, they can spend time with their friends with similar goals of adopting a healthy lifestyle and improve their health with a nutritious-balanced diet.

Children To Spend Time With Plants

The time you spend doing different things affects your personality and perception. Parents shall motivate their kids to spend time gardening. And also, parents themselves shall cultivate plants with their children. Furthermore, to encourage them to take care of plants and spend time with nature. According to a project result school, children who spend more time in gardening over a year were more active than those who take part in indoor activities. 

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Also, children learn many important lessons and feelings from gardening. For example, when they cultivate plants starting from the seeding process, they learn to be patient and caring. Watering their plant or taking care of the plant makes them understand punctuality and responsibility. Additionally, gardening teaches children that love, kindness-care, emotion, and spending time with plants not only improves their physical and mental health but also enables them to think about their surroundings.

Physically such children will build more muscles and feel ready to do any hard work. And mentally they feel or develop a feeling of calmness. Moreover, through healthy, environmentally friendly activities, children will grow to become amazing adults with healthy minds and physiology. 

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