Cannabis Is A Bliss For Migraine Sufferers, According To A Survey

Cannabis Treats Migraine
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Migraine and any other pain can be discomforting and irritating as well. Migraine is a specific type of headache and is a common condition in almost every age group irrespective of gender, race, community, or race. The unfortunate thing is that it does not have proper treatment. However, various remedies may help in reliving the pain. 

Migraine headache symptoms vary from individual to individual and affect the lives of sufferers. The work performance of individuals with migraines decreases as due to intense pain, they cannot focus on their goals or objectives. Moreover, such individuals don’t like to talk to others and communicate with other people. 

Symptoms Of Migraine

Migraine has multiple symptoms that include throbbing pain, mostly on one side of the head, vomiting, nausea, and sensitivity to light and sound. Individuals with migraines usually avoid areas with light and sound variations, and usually, they prefer calm places with low-light or uniform light.

The pain sensation lasts for hours and may exist for days, making it difficult for the sufferer to perform day-to-day activities. Also, migraines are the second leading cause of disability for those younger than 50. The intensity of pain varies from time to time and from position to position of the head.

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The treatment strategies are not as effective as they are unable to cure the condition. Moreover, migraine medicine only reduces or elevates the pain but does not resolve the cause behind the headache. According to a study, cannabis is more effective in treating migraine conditions than chemical medicine. The study analyzed data by comparing the effects of cannabis and prescription medications for the treatment of migraines.

Cannabis – The Magical Drug

Cannabis is also known as Marijuana and has many names according to the region of cultivation. The drug also has multiple active phytochemicals and is highly effective for various conditions. It is a phyto-active drug obtained from the Cannabis plant. The main component of cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The plant consists of more than 483 compounds, of which at least 65 are cannabinoids in nature.

Cannabis is part of some food-dishes and is usable as an extract. Furthermore, people use it for smoking and vaporizing, as it causes mental and physical effects like euphoria. Other impacts include alterations in concentration, impaired short-term memory, excitement, relaxation, and an increase in appetite. Apart from all these effects, cannabis individuals who use cannabis feel relaxed and free of pain.

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The impact of cannabis varies according to its species. The study compares the signs and symptoms of migraines, treatment effects, and the response of migraine sufferers.

Survey Based Study

The study involved collecting data from 589 adult cannabis users who had legal access to medical cannabis as well as recreational cannabis. The online survey asked multiple questions to determine cannabis users’ experience of treating migraines through cannabis and also by using prescription drugs. Moreover, users tell them the difference they experienced while using cannabis and prescription drugs. 

76.4% of the participants responded that the use of cannabis effectively treated their migraines. However, some participants used both prescription drugs as well as cannabis for migraine treatment. Thus, there is a lack of evidence regarding the effectiveness of cannabis in treating migraines. 

There is a high potential for risk in the survey-study as it depends on individual perception and experience. Participants may be biased, which calls for more research on cannabis’s impact on migraines. 

Further studies will prove the effectiveness of cannabis in treating migraines. Thus, once researchers have enough evidence regarding cannabis, then the drug will officially be available to treat migraines. 

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