Scotland: The First Country To Provide Free Period Products

Period products

There are many taboos and issues linked to the period. Women have to face difficulties emotionally, mentally, and physically due to the concept of society and communities. Apart from the hormonal changes that happen inside women’s bodies, there are some psychological changes, which affect the emotional state of women. 

Another issue with mensuration is that the mensuration-products are expensive and unavailable for most females. However, the Scottish parliament is the first to make period products free. Besides, many women around the world do not know the latest and most effective period-products. Moreover, in underdeveloped countries, females cannot afford mensuration-products. That is, due to lack of knowledge, unavailability of products, and religious restrictions.

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Types Of Mensuration products

Period products are essential for every female after puberty. Having these products makes life easy as mensuration cannot interfere with everyday life if every girl has a suitable mensuration product. The objective of using these products is to feel comfortable and dry. 

Multiple types of mensuration products have their pros and cons. Depending upon the cost, convenience of use, and impact of the mensuration-product on the environment, individuals select their period product. However, in Scotland, expenses on mensuration-products and availability of these products will now not be an issue as the Scottish Parliament passes Period Products (Free Provision) (Scotland)-Bill. 

There are many period-products, consisting of pads, reusable pads, tampons, menstrual cups, and period underwear. The price of these products varies from $2 to $ 45. Apart from the difference in cost, they differ in quality, brand, convince-use, and reusability. 

Period Products (Free Provision) (Scotland) Bill

The Scottish parliament, through unanimous voting, passed the Period Products (Free Provision) (Scotland) Bill on Tuesday. According to the Bill, across Scotland, all females will have free access to tampons and sanitary pads. Moreover, these products will be available in public toilets, workplaces, and other public buildings all over Scotland. Lawmaker Monica Lennon has been working for years over the campaign to end period-poverty and stigma for many years. 

By her efforts, Scotland has become the first country to make period poverty history. Monica Lennon introduced the bill for the first time in parliament on 23rd April 2019. Also, the historic bill passed through the initial stage of the Scottish parliament on 25th February. However, on Tuesday, 25th November, the bill was approved and implemented officially.

Also, Monica has been working to make a universally accessible system like the C-card system of the National Health Service.  In addition, she has a goal to formulate a similar-system that makes sexual health items like condoms, lubes, and other items available to people between the ages of 13 and 24 years old. 

Road To Free-Mensuration-Product Accessibility

According to Monica Lennon, mensuration has been a taboo in Scotland for too long. By-passing the bill she introduced in the Scottish parliament, Scotland has become a leader in tackling period poverty. The Scottish government had already made period products free for all students in schools, colleges, and universities, in 2018. Similar schemes are in practice in England and Wales. 

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According to the plan, providing free sanitary pads and tampons across Scotland will cost #24.1 million or $28.7 million on an annual basis. The passing of the bill shows that the Scottish Parliament takes gender equality seriously. Moreover, such measures will contribute as a milestone in normalizing mensuration in Scotland. 

Passing of the Period Products (Free Provision) (Scotland) Bill will improve the life and health of females. Young girls will need not be worried about the cost of mensuration products. Besides, the use of such products improves the hygienic conditions of females. The Period-Product Bill is of great importance for the health of women, and other countries shall also implement such measures.

Adeena Tariq Lari
The author is a graduate of dental surgery from the Dow University Health Sciences, Karachi. She has an academic background in content writing as well as English literature, giving her an edge in the field. Adeena is always curious about physical and mental health. She is always passionate about research and delivering high-quality reliable content to users.