Treating Cancer More Precisely With No Side Effects

Cancer Treatment

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death around the world. In the era of technology, scientists are still working to improve the treatment strategies used for its treatment. However, with time different means of its treatment appeared, scientists are yet to discover a more efficient treatment strategy. 

As we all know, cancer is the abnormal growth of cells and has as many types as there are different types of cells. The progression of the disease and its treatment depends upon the stage of malignant or benign cancer. Currently, oncologists for its treatment perform surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, and hormone therapy. Other treatment strategies include bone marrow transplants, cryoablation, targeted-drug therapy, radiofrequency ablation, and clinical trials. However, depending upon the cancer-stage, your oncologist will select the best treatment strategy for you. 

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Despite all these treatments, there is a need for a more specific cancer-treatment method, which a group of scientists from Israel’s Tel Aviv University has discovered. In particular, this new method is a more elegant form of chemotherapy, which enables specificity in targeting cancerous cells. 

Elegant Chemotherapy For Cancer Treatment

Professor Dan Peer is a cancer expert from Israel’s Tel Aviv University. Peer elaborates that the new technique, which relies on DNA editing tools to kill cancerous cells, has no side effects. Moreover, through this DNA editing technique, healthy cells remain unaffected. Meanwhile, cancerous cells die by the action of more elegant chemotherapy.

The technology has given positive results in mice. According to the scientist, this technique will be available for human usage as soon as the next two years. According to the Times of Israel, there is no chance of recurrence of cancer as cancerous cells treated with this technique will never be able to become active again. 

Another benefit of this treatment technique is that through this technology, the recovery rate increases, and life-expectancy increases. Moreover, it gives hope that one day, cancer will be a 100% curable disease.

The Discovery That Can Save Many Lives

The DNA editing tool used to treat cancer is indeed a huge-scientific achievement. The journal Science Advances has published research and experimental data regarding it. Scientists from Tel Aviv University, New York University, and Harvard Medical School are working together to discover a DNA editing tool for cancer treatment.

Animal experimentation for research consists of mice with metastatic ovarian cancer and glioblastoma. The chemicals injected against glioblastoma leads to 50% inhibition of tumor growth and 30% improvement in survival rate. Meanwhile, the survival rate in the case of ovarian-cancer increases by 80%. 

According to the claims of scientists, the new technique has been effective in treating cancerous cells of animals. This technique depends upon Crisper genome editing technology that works by cutting out a section of DNA. Also, treating malignancy through this technology will destroy tumor cells within three treatments because through this treatment DNA of cancerous cells can physically be cut off. Thus, cancerous cells will not survive and remain inactive for the rest of life.

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Benefits Of The New Technology

Although the scientist agrees that this technology needs further development, animal experimentation has shown the effectiveness of its usage. Scientists observed that this technology kills cancerous cells, doubles life expectancy, and increases the survival rate by 30 percent. 

According to Professor Peer, modifying the technology will yield much better results in cancer treatment of humans. Besides, the technology allows personalization and customization according to the condition of each patient. Modification of DNA editing tools as per the requirements of a cancer patient is possible. 

Furthermore, treatment through this technology occurs via general injection as well as direct injection into the tumor. Thus, new elegant chemotherapy technology opens avenues for cancer treatment and research. 

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