Save the Nation By Saving Children In COVID-19 Pandemics

COVID-19 pandemic and children

Ever since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, life has changed. And it is likely to change more in almost every aspect. These abrupt changes in lives are difficult to deal with for every individual, no matter what age group they are. The impact of coronavirus pandemics on children is of concern. Children are an essential part of a nation as its future depends upon the children. 

The concept of life a child develops with time determines what he or she will do in the future and how the child grows to be a responsible citizen. Children are innocent creatures and pure souls that adopt different habits and behaviors with time. 

Most importantly, they are quick learners, and the things a child learns during childhood will eventually become part of their lives. Thus, their contribution as a citizen or member of society depends upon the type of environment in their surroundings.

Impact Of COVID-19 On Children

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, everyone spends their time mostly within their homes. Children are unable to go to schools, play areas, amusement parks, or any other place where they can meet or greet children of their age and do physical activity. Physical activity reduction leads to obesity, stress, and anxiety development. These diseases affect the physical and mental health of children. 

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Children in New York and the Central Coast are gaining weight at an alarming rate, and anxiety and depression cases are on the rise as well. Children are spending the majority of their time on screens as for online-classes they are using computers or laptops. Meanwhile, for entertainment, they watch cartoons or shows via electronic devices. 

So their screen time is increasing, which affects their eyes and mind, leading to physical, emotional, behavioral, and mental changes. As children are spending most of their time at home, there is no proper schedule in practice. Moreover, children have become undisciplined due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

All these habits with unhealthy eating and lifestyle contribute to increasing the risk of depression and obesity development in children. The children become lonely, sad, lazy, and non-social. Some develop anti-social attitudes and like to remain alone, but others become stressed over meeting with others. All such behavioral changes lead to psychological issues that will limit the progress of the nation.

Doctors Recommendation To Deal With The Situation

Dr. Rene Bravo is a pediatrician and has been taking care of children on the Central Coast for 35 years. Furthermore, Dr. Bravo observes that cases of obesity, depression, and anxiety in children have increased to alarming levels during COVID-19 pandemics. Besides, such alarming and concerning changes in children have never been observed by him throughout his career. 

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A study published in the Journal of Sport and Health Science elaborates that childhood obesity in America is likely to increase by 2.4% by the end of 2020. To deal with such issues, parents need to be observant and patient with their children. Dr. Anselmo recommends parents plan healthy activities for their children. Moreover, parents must try and convince children to eat healthy food and do physical activity within their home premises. Also, moving around your room or home after every hour brings change to your mind. And, it is better than sitting or lying in bed continuously for hours. 

Children must avoid snacks, being lazy, and eating too-much fried-food items. There is a need for parents to design and implement a proper schedule for their children to follow. Eating and sleeping at scheduled-time are essential for mental and physical health. Eight hours of sleep is vital for mental well-being as well as physical improvement. Sleep disturbances lead to anxiety and obesity that impacts mental and physical health.

Thus, doing a little physical activity from time to time, adopting healthy eating and lifestyle habits can make your child able to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic crises. Furthermore, children will be happy to indulge in physical and mind games that will improve their condition. 

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