Ohio To Implement Curfew Again To Control COVID-19 Spread

COVID-19 curfew
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Cases of coronavirus infection have been rising ever since the authorities uplifted the lockdown. During the second wave of COVID-19 in some states, more people are getting coronavirus-infection. Moreover, cases are on the rise, winter is approaching, and weather changes are in favor of transmission of coronavirus. 

The situation is likely to become difficult for healthcare workers if the number of cases continues to increase as they are accelerating daily. Additionally, the coronavirus pandemic has drastically affected the lives of individuals. People due to the coronavirus pandemic are experiencing depression, high stress, and anxiety. 

Apart from the emotional breakdown and mental disturbances, people are directly or indirectly experiencing physical alterations. Similarly, some suffer financial problems due to the implementation of lockdown. 

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Like other parts of the world, coronavirus cases are increasing in Ohio as well. As per the Department of Health of Ohio, 7787 new coronavirus cases appeared on Monday. The number of cases is likely to increase as the rural areas lack healthcare staff and specialized-equipment to fight the pandemic situation. 

How To Fight COVID-19  

The governor of Ohio, Richard Michael DeWine, also known as Mike DeWine, suggests Ohioans take precautions and follow curfew restrictions. It is vital to deal with the situation of the pandemic effectively and efficiently. Moreover, to control the transmission rate of coronavirus, people need to follow precautionary measures strictly. 

The precautionary measures include practicing social distancing, washing hands frequently, and using sanitizer more often. Furthermore, maintain a clean environment, clean your surroundings, and practice a healthy lifestyle with healthy eating habits. 

Wearing a mask is one of the essential guidelines to control the spread of coronavirus. The selection of a face covering is also a significant step for an individual. Wearing a mask of low quality is not effective as such a mask will not filter COVID-19 virus particles. 

People can use KN95 and N95 face coverings, but if they are not able to get any of these, then they can use 3-layered-cloth face coverings for personal protection. DeWine suggests that people adopt habits daily that enable them to limit the transmission rate of coronavirus.

DeWine asks Ohioans to do at least one thing each day that lowers their chances of contact with others. People must avoid mass gatherings. Moreover, in the case of weddings, funerals, and other events, people can have a meeting of 10 people.

Imposing A Curfew Across Ohio

The governor of Ohio, who belongs to the Republican Party, announced earlier this week that from Thursday from 10 p.m., Ohio would be under a curfew for the next 21 days. Gov. Mike DeWine advises Ohioans to stay home from 10 p.m. until 5 a.m. as a curfew during these hours will be practiced to control the transmission of COVID-19. 

Only some people can move outside during these hours. Including those who are traveling to or from work, people who need emergency care, and are in an emergency. Furthermore, grocery stores and pharmacies are not to follow this timing of curfew. People are free to practice their religious virtuality, and the curfew situation will be of no hindrance to them.  

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However, the curfew applies to bars, restaurants, shopping stores, pick-up orders, or use of drive-thrus after 10 p.m. The Ohio Department of Health will impose a curfew with the help of local health departments and local law enforcement. Whoever does not follow the instruction of curfew will be punishable with a fine of up to $750. 

Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Neil instructed deputies to enforce the curfew, saying they would first give a verbal warning and then a citation if people don’t head home. The sheriff is eager to keep deputies and the general public safe. 

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones has requested residents not to call the sheriff’s office as they will not be enforcing a curfew. DeWine suggests people follow curfews and practice precautionary measures for their safety. 

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