Rebel Wilson Loses Weight To Become Healthy – Know How

Rebel Wilson's weight transformation

Appearance affects your personality to some extent as your outer appearance generates your impression on others. Rebel felt the same. Being slim, fit, healthy, and attractive is the demand, especially in some fields like acting, singing, modeling, hosting, and anchoring. 

However, being over-weight will not stop you from becoming a part of these fields. Yet, you will need to work on your appearance and personality, particularly, as they are essential elements for the success of the celebrities along with other characteristics. Rebel Wilson being an actress also wants to improve her health condition.

Impact Of Health On Professional Life

When you are in shape and have good health, you will have a positive attitude towards others. Besides, you will no longer lack confidence, and you will be able to make others understand your point of view and convince them to act respectively. 

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In every profession, the first thing to make you successful is your knowledge, skill, talent, and behavior. Your outer appearance also plays a part in your success, but looks do not entirely lead to success. Most importantly, a combination of talent, skill, appearance, knowledge, and hard work leads to success in any field. 

However, when you are healthy, you will be able to learn new things, polish your talent, and groom your personality. Thus, health is vital to discover your hidden talents. 

Rebel Wilson’s Journey To Lose Weight

Like every individual, Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson also wants to lose weight and become healthy. Previously, she has been eating 3000 calories per day, but now to lose weight and improve health, she is controlling her diet. Furthermore, Rebel altered her lifestyle and successfully lost about 40 Ibs. According to her, she is trying to change her health habits to attain overall balanced health. 

While telling PEOPLE in this week’s issue, she elaborated that she has switched to a high-protein diet. Previously she was consuming much more carbohydrates and felt hungry all the time, but ever since switching to the protein-rich diet, she feels better. She is not a meaty person and eats fish, salmon, and chicken breast to increase protein intake. 

Rebel Wilson’s Change In Diet

Now the actress avoids carbohydrates mostly and prefers to eat white meat with other protein-rich food items. She also eats Chipotle Cuffing Season Menu, which is available exclusively on Uber Eats through December 5. She formulates a partnership with Uber Eats, an app that allows you to book and deliver food, groceries, and more food items online from the best restaurants, grocery stores, and other shops. 

Rebel Wilson also admits that she does not strictly follow a diet plan. She even cheats from time to time by eating burgers, fries, and other junk food items that she loves to eat. However, Rebel has now cut the number of carbohydrates that she used to eat. For example, if she was eating a full burger previously, now she eats half of it. Also, she is just trying to maintain an overall balanced diet and health.  

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How Rebel Wilson Took Advantage of Lockdown

During the coronavirus pandemics, to control the transmission rate of COVID-19, authorities imposed lockdowns. Some individuals deal with the lockdown situation positively and improve their relationship with loved-ones. Moreover, they improve their physical and mental health, but others develop depression and anxiety. Rebel Wilson also had to spend time at home due to coronavirus-pandemics. She utilized this time to improve her health condition. Further, she managed to lose 40Lbs as well as being able to get some rest and de-stress herself. 

It enables her to rediscover herself and love herself for the way she is. Besides, she was able to control her lifestyle and adapt to healthy eating habits. She was able to understand the importance of self-worth and self-love, which was much needed to overcome emotional eating and overeating. 


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