Is Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Safe For People?

COVID-19 Vaccine

Researchers and scientists are working in various pharmaceutical companies and research institutions to discover a cure, a vaccine, or treatment for COVID-19. The discovery of a vaccine or any other medicine requires time and vigilant monitoring even after it is on the market, to know more about the possible side-effects that may occur.

Discovery Procedure

The COVID-19 vaccine is passing through the clinical phase three trials. In the initial stages of clinical trials, pharmaceutical companies determine information about safety, efficacy, physical characteristics, and other features. 

Once the vaccine passes the initial phase with positive results, then it moves towards the next stage. Before experimenting on humans, experiments on animals occur using the new drug or vaccine. Researchers note the safety and efficacy of the vaccine first in experimental animals like rats, rabbits, or mice, and then on humans.

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It’s a lengthy procedure. After obtaining all the information about the new vaccine, the pharmaceutical company asked the FDA for approval to make the drug available. However, the manufacturing-pharmaceutical company gets approvals during the procedure of formulating a new drug after almost every step. Researchers have to form the COVID-19 vaccine in the shortest time as it is the need of the hour. Furthermore, the coronavirus vaccine is the only solution to control the situation of the pandemic. 

COVID-19 Vaccine By Pfizer

Pfizer and BioNTech together worked to formulate a vaccine to treat coronavirus. On Monday, the news of the vaccine being 90% effective became the headline of newspapers and gave new hope for a better future. In addition, the vaccine appears to protect 9 in 10 people. 

The company is expecting to attain federal permission to market its COVID-19 vaccine by the end of November. Their vaccine is one of four vaccines reported to have the most efficacy, but it could be the first to receive marketing approval.

Although the vaccine is likely to be 90% effective yet some side-effects can occur after the first shot. Follow the Company’s protocols to administer the vaccine. Usually, doctors administer two doses for the COVID-19 vaccine via injection a few weeks apart. The side-effects that may appear after the first shot include flu-like symptoms, sore arms, muscle aches, and fever. However, 1 in 10 recipients is vulnerable to develop COVID-19 infection. 

Dr. Paul Offit suggests that for better communication, Pfizer and others shall present their trial information. Dr. Paul recommends gathering information about its efficacy and how long the vaccine will remain effective. It is also essential to collect information about individuals that are likely to develop side-effects.

Is The COVID-19 Vaccine Of Pfizer and BioNTech Safe?

According to Dr. Preeti Malani, it will be a tragedy if people become hesitant to get a vaccine that is safe as well as effective. Coronavirus vaccine by Pfizer and BioNTech is the solution to the current situation. Governments cannot afford to implement lockdown forever, and people need to get back to their routines. So, a COVID-19 vaccine can solve every problem. 

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Besides, the side-effects of coronavirus vaccine made by Pfizer and BioNTech are negligible as compared to those of the pneumonia vaccine, Prevnar, or typical flu shots of the company. Moreover, every medicine does have its side-effects, and doctors prescribe drugs while considering the risks and benefits. Thus, as the COVID-19 vaccine helps to make people immune to coronavirus infection, the vaccine is worth taking.

However, William Schaffner suggests that it will be difficult to convince people to take a vaccine that will cause them to suffer from fever, muscle aches, and flu-like symptoms for some time after each shot. According to Saad Omer, communicating well with the people is the only way to encourage them to get COVID-19 vaccine shots. 


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