Joe Biden’s Advisor Suggests Fair Distribution of COVID-19 Vaccine Globally


Joe Biden has taken office and, being the new president of the United States, is passionate about working to make America a better place for all. Moreover, he wants to tackle growing COVID-19 cases effectively and as soon as possible. 

Pharmaceutical companies and research institutes are working continuously to develop the COVID-19 vaccine. Some of the vaccine formulations have shown positive outcomes and are under phase 3 of clinical trials. Besides, the efficacy and safety profiles from these clinical investigations are favorable. 

Why Do We Need A COVID-19 Vaccine?

The vaccine is essential to develop immunity against the virus. Moreover, the coronavirus vaccine provides protection from the spread of infection that COVID-19 causes. Different countries across the globe are constantly working to formulate the coronavirus vaccine as soon as possible with greater efficacy and without compromising safety. 

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Joe Biden is implementing mask mandates for the USA. He wants to control the transmission of coronavirus before vaccine formulation. There is no doubt that before the marketing of the vaccine for COVID-19, people need to follow precautionary measures seriously. 

Joe Biden’s Coronavirus Task Force

Joe Biden is the 46th elected-President of the US and has created his coronavirus task force. Dr. Zeke Emanuel is an oncologist and is also one of the teen advisory board members of Joe Biden’s coronavirus task force. The president himself elected the ten members that act as advisors for him. 

Zeke Emanuel had previously served in the Affordable Care Act at the time of former President Obama. Emanuel was also a key architect of the Affordable Care Act plan. Additionally, in September, Emanuel encouraged officials to follow the Fair Priority Model that will allow fair distribution of vaccines across the globe rather than administering the vaccine to all Americans first. 

Trump Plans For COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

Trump in August announced that whenever the US Pharmaceutical companies manufacture the COVID-19 vaccine, the Americans will be the first to receive the vaccine. However, advisors of Joe Biden suggest through the Fair Priority Model that fair distribution of vaccines shall occur across the world. As well, the countries that have a rate of transmission below one shall receive the vaccine first. 

The Advisory board suggests that the government will give some priority to its citizens but not an absolute priority. Meanwhile, Trump was giving priority to local citizens. Despite that, Congress agreed to permit $10 billion for Trump’s administration’s Operation Warp Speed. Moreover, the OWP is working with private companies to produce and distribute the COVID-19 vaccine in the United States. 

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Who Shall Receive COVID-19 Vaccine First- Under The Reign Of Joe Biden

Emanuel and his co-authors are against the proposal by the WHO to distribute vaccines. As per the WHO, vaccine distribution across the globe shall occur according to the population of the countries over 65. Also, vaccine distribution shall be according to the number of people with comorbidities and the number of frontline healthcare workers in various countries.

But Emanuel and his co-authors are against such distribution. Moreover, they think that distributing vaccines depending on these criteria will not result in lowering the COVID-19 death rate. Emanuel suggests saving the lives of a young patient below 60 years. Apart from that, Emanuel said that death is not the only form of loss, and if they give vaccines to those who are seniors, they will jeopardize the health of a younger COVID-19 patient.

Besides, according to Emanuel, people lose creativity, originality, and productivity to a great extent by the age of 75. Thus, vaccines must be distributed globally, especially to those countries where the virus affected the younger population.

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