Turning COVID-19 Deaths Into A Political Controversy – Trump Shifts the Onus to Doctors

Trump remarks regarding COVID-19 death toll
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Trump has a non-serious attitude towards COVID-19 pandemics. Furthermore, his remarks and steps to control the coronavirus pandemics are unsatisfactory. During the election campaign, health was an essential part of the discussion. 

Daily cases of coronavirus infection are getting out of control. Furthermore, hospitals have a lack of availability of personal protective equipment. Moreover, if the situation continues, it can lead to devastating results. Besides, many people can lose their loved ones due to the spread of coronavirus infection during winters.  

Trump and the White House are not controlling the pandemics that have already caused more than 221000 deaths. Furthermore, Trump’s rallies in the previous weeks provide a medium for the spread of the virus.

COVID-19 Cases On Rising

The number of cases of COIVD-19 has been rising since March. Later in June, due to lockdown, the number of coronavirus cases decreased. Furthermore, in July, the number of coronavirus-cases increased more than the previous peak levels. However, the number lowered at the end of August. 

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The third wave of coronavirus has been on the rise, up till now, since September. Furthermore, the cases reported during September and October have crossed the peak levels of the first and second waves. Moreover, the third wave is more dangerous as winter is approaching. During winters, most people get infected with the influenza virus. Coronavirus and influenza virus infections have many similarities. Thus, the situation is grave and can get worse.

Health Care Professionals and Covid-19

Health care professionals have already shown their concerns regarding the situation and are not satisfied with government measures. Trump wants to open up the country to improve the economy but is jeopardizing public safety. Furthermore, the government is not estimating the potential damage that can result in multiple deaths. 

The situation needs dealing with vigilance. The government needs to make changes in every aspect. Moreover, to control the spread of coronavirus. Trump and his administration are not taking the current situation seriously. Furthermore, the president blamed healthcare professionals for over-counting the COVID-19 cases. Moreover, according to Trump, the death toll is probably an undercount.

Trump’s False Claims

On Friday, at a rally in Waterford Township, Michigan, while addressing the election campaign, Trump suggested a theory. According to this theory of Trump, US doctors get more money if someone dies from COVID-19. Thus, the doctors inflate deaths due to coronavirus infection. And also, health care professionals for their profit over-count Covid-19 patients. 

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But when This Week host George Stephanopoulos asked Miller point-blank about those remarks, he refused to answer. According to Miller, the president said nothing that attacks the doctors working on the frontlines. Moreover, according to Aaron Rupar, the theory presented by Mr. Trump is baseless. According to Andrew Stokes, if doctors count deaths caused by pandemics directly and indirectly, then Covid-19 death-toll will rise markedly. 

Response To Mr. Trump’s Statement

The American Medical Association quickly condemns the comments about doctors and COVID-19 made by Donald Trump. Susan Bailey is the president of the American Medical Association. According to Susan, those comments were malicious, outrageous, and misguided charges entirely. Furthermore, such wording is an insult for doctors who are fighting coronavirus pandemics as first-line warriors. 

Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee, also condemned the comments at an event in St. Paul, Minnesota, on Friday. Joe Biden said that doctors and nurses, along with other health professionals, work daily to save lives. Furthermore, health care professionals are doing their jobs well, and Donald Trump should stop attacking them. Moreover, the coronavirus death toll is likely to undercount. 


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