The Health Commissioner States 800,000 Million Neonates Die Due To Negligence In Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Neonates Is Essential
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Breastfeeding is an essential requirement of the infant to live a healthy life. Neonates get all the essential nutrients from breastmilk. Moreover, breastfeeding the newborn not only benefits the child but also makes the mother healthier. Thus, there is no alternative to breastfeeding for babies.

Unfortunately, around the globe, many babies lose their lives of poor breastfeeding. Every year around 800,000 million neonates die on account of breastfeeding negligence by the mother.

Overlooking The Neonates

Health Commissioner Dr. Oyebanji Filani in Ekiti expressed his concern about the leading issue. The commissioner spoke about the fatality in babies due to inadequate breastfeeding in a news conference. 

On Tuesday, he highlighted the inadequate breastfeeding ill effects on newborns while commemorating the 2020 edition of breastfeeding week in Ado Ekiti.

The health commissioner states that about 800,000 babies die on account of breastfeeding negligence. 

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Furthermore, Filani believes that the highest infant fatality rate in the country is on account of inadequate breastfeeding. However, the event was gradually checkmated after breastfeeding exclusively and undergoing medical procedures.

Moreover, the commissioner states that after the initiation of the exclusive breastfeeding policy in 2019, about 55.4 percent of compliance is observed in the first six months in Ekiti.

The health commissioner credited Gov. Kayode Fayemi for improving the state by taking proactive action in terms of enhanced sensitization. 

Breastfeeding Saves Neonates

Studies make it evident that the life expectancy of the child increase on account of breastfeeding. The findings make clear that monitoring the pattern of breastfeeding of babies prevents about 13 percent of deaths. 

Moreover, breastfeeding has a positive impact on the rate of morbidity among neonates. 

Exclusive breastfeeding for at least the first six months declines morbidity and mortality rate.

Worldwide, only 38 percent of babies get the bliss of exclusive breastfeeding. However, suboptimal breastfeeding results in 800,000 child deaths every year around the globe.

Therefore, exclusive breastfeeding for six months is of prime importance. Any baby who is entirely on breastfeeding and not on infant formula is healthier than non-breastfeeding infants. 

Moreover, breastfed instants have lesser ear infections, gastrointestinal disturbances, or respiratory disorders. Breastfed children are safe from getting hospitalized or visiting the doctor around the clock.  

Saving Country’s Capital

Exclusive breastfeeding renders the myths and utilization of herbs as well as various concoctions for neonates and young children. 

Moreover, Filani enlightened the impact of exclusive breastfeeding. He says that it not only lowers the rate of mortality among neonates but also saves the country’s economy. 

As breastfeeding exclusively improves the immune system of the baby, it saves about $150 million for the country yearly. 

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Furthermore, the exclusive breastfeeding policy calls for six-month maternity leave for female civil employees in Ekiti. It ensures adequate child care.  

Filani further emphasized to the government over paternity leave for male civil employees. Thus, enabling both parents to spend time with their neonates as well as healthily fulfill their responsibilities. 

Moreover, the health commissioner appealed to the mothers not to indulge in unwholesome cultural customs, refraining the child from the water and other fluids. But adopt exclusive breastfeeding for the health of their neonates. 

A Bliss For The Mother

Breastfeeding not only benefits the child but also improves the health of the mother. Studies have shown that mothers who breastfeed their children are at a lesser risk of hypertension, osteoporosis, and diabetes. 

Moreover, breastfeeding saves the mother from post-partum stress as well as various types of cancer, particularly breast cancer.

The health commissioner says that exclusive breastfeeding will work as an immunity booster in neonates. Thus, aid in lowering the morbidity and mortality rates in babies.

Hence, breastfeeding must not be overlooked, as it has multiple health benefits for both the child and the mother. 

Adeena Tariq Lari
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